Author`s name Olga Savka

Iranian president answers USA

Khatami ridicules Washington

In a clear and balanced reply to Washington's hysterical foreign policy, the Iranian President Mohammed Khatami presents the perfect answer: if Washington wants to stop nuclear weapons proliferation, start looking in Israel.

The Iranian President, speaking in Isfahan on Wednesday, told Washington to cease following its misguided policies on Iran and the Middle East. He told delegates who had arrived for the OPEC meeting that the tension around Iran and the USA is caused by Washington's wrong and misguided policies.

While admitting that nuclear weapons are clearly a danger for mankind, the Iranian President stated that "If the US is really trying to stop nuclear weapons, it had better go to the states which are neither member to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty nor are abiding by the international regulations and have large nuclear arsenals, the most dangerous of which in our region is Israel."

Regarding Washington's constant allegations that Teheran is building a nuclear weapons arsenal, the reply was crystal clear: "We are not at all after weapons of mass destruction because given our beliefs and the events taking place in the world, we consider nuclear weapons as the most dangerous threat to the world."

The more aggressive Washington's declarations and the more hysterical the poise of its increasingly absurd figure at the helm of the USA's foreign policy, Condoleeza Rice, the more broadsides like this the people of the United States of America will have to hear.

The citizens of the world do not like illegal wars based on lies and in which shocking acts of butchery of civilians and mass murder are perpetrated, they do not like to hear about the torture of fellow human beings and they do not like the demonology preached by Washingtonas its forces march around the globe like a bull in a china shop.

Why does the Bush regime have so much hatred in its hearts and minds?

On the photo: Iranian President Mohammed Khatami