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Scientific proof of God as prime mover

Darwin and evolution don't matter - it's when the spiritual character, or 'soul,' was added that counts

Cause and effect. It is firmly held by science and logic that each effect that we witness must have a cause. Every plant, every animal and every microorganism lives, functions, evolves and dies as an effect of outside causes or forces. Because of this there is an overall logic to the function and interaction of every living thing on this planet. Except one.

Human beings alone perform unselfish acts such as giving sustenance to others outside their families. It is clearly illogical to survival to deprive oneself of food and property when nothing is gained to enhance one’s own security. Animals do not operate in this manner because they would not survive if they shared food and protection outside their immediate bloodlines. Lions repeatedly chase away all animals from their food except other lions within their own pride.

What places humans in the singular position of self-denial for the benefit of strangers, which is alien to all other species on this planet? Most people say it’s because of the superiority of human intelligence. If that is true, then why do animals of relatively higher intelligence, such as apes who can use sign language to tell lies to handlers to escape blame, still not show the smallest concern for the welfare of co-species outside their immediate group?

If intelligence were the key, unselfish sharing would occur in all planetary species in direct proportion to their level of intellectual development. This is certainly the logical extension, but such is not the case.

Humans, unlike animals, think and perform in the abstract, consider realms of possible consequences to past, present and future actions, and perceive past the concrete into a further dimension. This dimension can be initially described as something above immediate reality and beyond the five senses with which both man and animal survive. Many call this non-physical dimension “spiritual” because it exists in no palpable form.. Humans therefore operate in a ‘spiritual’ dimension that other species do not. Where did this trait originate?

The studies of Charles Darwin and resultant science observe that every living thing evolves and changes solely because of forces that are external to and outside of the organism. Organisms change because of their environment. All of science agrees that only external physical forces can cause physical changes in every animate and inanimate unit in the knownuniverse, down to the smallest subatomic particle. Since this is universal cause and effect, what outside force could impart a non-physical or spiritual change in an organism that would make it be able to perceive non-physical dimensions? It follows that only an outside spiritual force could impart a spiritual evolvement in an organism, causing the once-animal to perceive abstract concepts like social law, philosophy and time itself. This abstract conceptualizing is what makes human beings distinct, and they are all spiritual qualities.

As far back as can be traced, all primitive human groups are known participants in non-corporeal, spiritual beliefs and rites. This signifies their uniqueness among all other species in our environment. In contrast many modern ‘educated’ people who are insulated by the luxury of technology from the real world, behave quite differently by either ignoring or denying spiritual entities and beliefs. They see no conflict with their ancestors nor the irony that they employ their abstract spiritual abilities to deny the existence of their abstract spiritual abilities. They call spiritual aspects by other terms in the name of science, specifically because science has failed to test and measure within the five senses that which exists outside the five senses. This is why aboriginal groups view non-believing civilized people as the true ‘primitives.'

Spiritual beliefs are founded in a strictly human abstract called, “faith.” Faith is defined as a belief in something that cannot be proven within the five senses, but can, however, perhaps be proven with the intangible function of logic. Anyone who has the capacity to understand the basis of Darwinism must also accept this:

It is an inarguable scientific absolute that only external force can cause change; thus mankind, which alone possesses an abstract spiritual construct, may only have been changed by an outside spiritual force.

Mankind has most often referred to this outside spiritual force as “God.” Those who choose not to believe in God still believe in other spiritual qualities such as love, ethics and even happiness. They do not see that the mere ideation of these abstracts points to their origin as beyond outside known physical forces that could never have caused them.

There are historical records that support the existence of a prime-mover spiritual force called God. In Judeo-Christian scripture there are experiencesthat,when taken as awhole, are evidential. Most interesting is that God created man “ the image and likeness of God.” This doesn't mean that man looks like God physically (how can a body look like a spirit that has no body?) but thatwe became homo sapiens, setting us apart from all other earthly creatures through the gift of abstract spiritual perception which, until this bestowal, only God Himself had. This gift caused us to be changed utterly. We no longer existed in just the physical world of the five senses, but partly in the spiritual as well. All other hominids not receiving this endowment eventually became extinct because they were unable to conceptualize technical achievements in food gathering and in tactics necessary to successfully compete with Cro Magnons who had the new abstract dimension infused by an external spiritual force.

No matter what our individual perception of the abstract prime mover, or God, it is logically inescapable that we could have derived our spiritual abilities only from a spiritual source, no matter what name we choose to give it.

As only a physical force can induce a physical change, only a spiritual force, a spiritual prime mover, could have induced our spiritual change.

Throughout history men have interpolated themselves between the created and their Creator, claiming that their interpretation of scripture, that their understanding of what God wants, is superior to others.' This has caused more hatred, strife, persecutions and outright warfare than anything else in history. While conferring spiritual qualities upon man by God has been a gift, it seems that when some men try to in any way limit how others perceive and employ that gift, it becomes a curse.

When men proclaim the ‘truth’ that others must follow under penalty of physical or spiritual death, the truth is that they are wrong. There is only one truth, within the Prime Mover, the Creative Force, or God, and it exists within each of us, His created beings, only to the extent that we do not attempt to override the free will of other created beings.

It is said that the Creator has bound Himself to never, ever interfere or to otherwise override our free will, since we would no longer have free will if He did so. Societies, institutions, churches, groups or individuals who physically or even psychologically force others to believe as they do, are not of God. If God Himself does not force, then anyone who does so is opposite to God. Thus most all world religions, all sects, rites and practices are not of truth because they are not of God, Who is the sole font of truth.

Anyone who accepts science and logic must accept that there is, indeed, a Prime Mover to our spirituality, a "God." God being the source of our spiritual component can only be the prime model of it, the truth, which men call Good. Those that choose to impose their views, their will upon us, are the opposite of Him, which many call an evil choice.

If there are always opposites such as cause and effect, light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil, then there must be a God-state (truth, good, heaven) and the anti-God state (falsity, evil, hell). Yet there will always be people far too selfish and jaded to acknowledge the existence of an endowed human spirit and its Creator source. This is because such acknowledgment infers that one day one can be held accountable for error, for doing things that are anti-God. To such people, happiness is in material possessions and social status, so they invent convenient, personally tailored moralities that always find the path of least resistance to their selfishness. Such people will endlessly invent excuses as to why they could not be held accountable for their lives of materiality and will frequently induce others to follow their corrupt example.

Those who choose to perceive beyond fashion, political agendas and legislated morality, understand that the truth is external to themselves and is of God. They acknowledge that the essence of spirituality is not gaining material enhancements, but in giving them away. While this is illogical in the animal, physical world, it is not illogical in the spiritual.

The spirit cannot be affected mechanically for it to be developed to its highest form. Only spiritual tools can be used. Those tools are logic, avoiding falsity, unselfish sacrificial love for others as indicated by the Christ consciousness, and teaching others to love the truth without ever, ever forcing others to learn or to obey the teacher. Only in this way can individual human beings escape the forces of natural law to finally evolve wholly into the spiritual. This can only be accomplished through the abstract abilities given to us by our spiritual Prime Mover, our living God.

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