Bush and Cheney on Iraq intel: FALSE

Bush and Cheney seem to be following Rumsfeld in his crйativement faux mea culpa.

The administration is trying to pass off a faux mea culpa in telling the US and the world that the intel on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction was bogus.  Layer by layer, the administration's justifications for the war in Iraq are crumbling.  More intel has surfaced to indicate that Iraq's WDM program had been sunset as early as 1991. 

Even as late as one week ago, both Bush and Cheney stated without reservation that the Iraq government possessed WDMs at the onset of the military action against Iraq.

Bush, who bears ultimate responsibility for the debauched military action, has so far not been able to bring himself to admit publicly he had no reason what so ever for the war that has costs thousands of lives, both Iraq civilians and American military. Not to mention Omnicide because of the lethal radioactivity from the use of deplete uranium.

The connection between Bin Laden and Iraq never existed – despite what Bush and Cheney stated was an absolute fact. 

Bush’s administration is now plagued with exposed dishonesty, double dealings, prisoner abuse scandals, UN violations, and as this writer predicted, voting problems in Florida.

The Bush regime has yet to explain why the Bin Laden family that was in the US at the time of 9/11 was secreted out of the US despite a presidential order to ground all air craft. 

If readers will remember, the 9/11 commission wanted Bush, his cabinet, and his advisors to testify.  Bush demanded that his people not be put under oath.

The administration is also trying to do damage control on the reinstitution of the military draft.  It does not take an act of congress to reinstituted the Selective Service – it is still very much alive, but inactive at the moment.  Bush has committed the US to a growing military presence through out the world as well has giving overtures to military action against Iran and Sudan.  US recruiting efforts are starting to fall way short to meet the increasing demands of a self described ‘war president’.
Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov