Did Republicans in the House of Representatives violate ethics?

Did Republicans in the House of Representatives violate ethics?

Congressman, and House majority leader, Tom DeLay (R-TX), is facing investigation, in an already marred and tainted administration.

A week ago, Delay faced a committee of his peers and was admonished – a very severe thing to have happen to ones political career.  There is full speculation that there is going to be a full investigation into his handling of campaign funds.

As a congressman, Delay represents Texas which is also the home state of Bush.

Three DeLay aides were recently indicted by a grand jury in Travis County, Texas. Two other DeLay associates face an ongoing probe by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee concerning some $66 million in fees from tribal casino clients.

Paul Morehead, chief counsel for the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, said "The committee has received hundreds of thousands of documents, and we are laying the groundwork for further investigation".

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting said: “With his top fundraising aides under felony indictment and facing criminal charges of bribery, extortion, fraud, [and] money laundering, and abuse of power himself, DeLay has been reduced to skulking around like a fugitive".

A Republican fund raiser in Louisiana abruptly told DeLay that his invitation to the event had been canceled, and this also signals that the Republican Party is distancing them from DeLay lest they too become caught up in the illegal activities of DeLay’s employees and the darkening storm clouds hanging over DeLay and the office he holds.

DeLay has protested claiming that the exposure and publication of ill deeds is a political tactic aimed at smearing the Republicans in an election year. 

An investigation into DeLay’s fundraising could draw corporate contributors into the legal incinerator – something that corporate America doesn’t want to happen.  The illegal money trail could bring down some very large corporations – if the investigations start in earnest, a ‘Red Flag’ will be waving in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service who want to combat public overtures that they are not doing their job.  Tax cheating costs America 311 Billion dollars per year and America is suffering from the worst deficit, dollar for dollar, in its entire history.  In less than four years, the US has gone from a surplus to a backbreaking debt.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov