Americans, Journalists, and the betrayal of us

Has America come to the point that it cannot face its own reality?

I have several people accuse me of Journalistic Treason. I have been accused of airing American dirty laundry on a world stage and killing America. Of course, my accusers are all Republicans and other far right, bottom of the well, persons.

American's like to believe that God speaks to the world through the US. My step brother was just committed to a psychiatric facility for claiming God speaks through him. We have a president who says God speaks through him. Hitler said God spoke through him. I guess when all else fails, bring God into it all and hope the psychiatrists don't get their hands on you.

I had one woman write me and accuse me of yellow journalism. She also wanted to know why I'm not hunting the truth about a combined US and UFO conspiracy. Ok, I can see how the elevator got stuck on the bottom floor with this one. The DSM is pretty specific about this sort of thing.

Americans like to think the rest of the world is completely ignorant and cannot develop their own opinion – this probably why Americans write in and complain about stories that are not rose colored glasses brewski type views.

We have begun to honestly believe the myth we have created through our own propaganda, our white washed school text book history, or the straining self protection barriers we have created in our own minds. We cannot, and refuse, to see ourselves as we really are.

Self realization and change are the corner stones of good mental health. Denial is poor mental health. We demand the world to change and when they resist, we wage war.

ABC News, The New York Times, Washington Post, and others print stories about critical junctures in this country. Are they then not also Journalistic Traitors?

What then is Journalism if not to seek out the truth and print it? No, Journalism, by the average American definition is to lie over and over again to the world. To create more and more junque to convince the world that the America they see is not what they see. We insist the world not to believe, or trust their observations of us.

We belittle people who don't see America as we want them to see it. We insult people’s intelligence. Like the followers of Charles Manson, which there are a few, America is crying to the world: All of you are lying about us. Can't you see the truth?

We will then jump up and tell the world to hell with you, we don't need you.

We will also go into the pity bag routine asking the world to believe our words and not our actions.

There are world wide news agencies, we have the inter-net, and the world can read and decide for themselves what America is.

Under Stalin, anyone who did not see his version of communism as heaven sent, were put into gulags or 'psychiatric' hospitals as traitors.

Under Hitler, anyone who did not fully agree with the Nazi government, no matter how many times Hitler contradicted himself, was sent to Dauchau as traitors.

Bush is now saying that anyone with a counterview is committing hate speak and are traitors.

I read an article yesterday that said Michael Moore is starting a speaking tour of the United States. Apparently, the right wing politics are taking a very hostile view of that and are trying to use the courts to stop him legally. Never mind the Bush girls can show up and there is a brouhaha rally and that is quite cute in the right and far right wing politics. Nobody on the moderate or left wing tries to stop them.

But Michael Moore, according to some, must be stopped at all costs. I am predicting that Michael Moore will not be alive this time next year. He's enraged enough people in misaligned right wing neo-con organizations on the right and far right by simply telling the truth about what we really are. I am also willing to predict it will be a bullet that will silence Moore. And yes, we do that sort of thing - Martin Luther King is a good example.

Anyone who says I do not care about my country is dead wrong. Absolutely dead wrong. I want America to be the country it says it is, because if the US continues down the path it is on, it will be shunned by the rest of the world. America initiated globalization, and our interdependence on the world is now firmly committed. If the world imposes sanctions against the US, our way of life will be choked to death. OPEC is starting to squeeze the life blood of America as oil has risen to $50.00 per barrel. But now that we firmly have our mandibles on Iraq’s oil and we can get it for free I suppose - for a while. I still ask the question of how many of the OPEC people got their MBA’s from American Universities because I see our own business methods working against us now and we hate it with a passion.

The US, on a daily basis, borrows money to keep our own economy afloat –sanctions will collapse America faster and harder than a bowling ball thrown in a Denver lake and Journalistic treason is the crime of telling the truth.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Olga Savka