The escaping to the past is the road to nowhere

As President Putin searches for the right formula to lead his nation to a higher level of peace, prosperity, and economic progress, he should remind himself that the past is gone forever.

For President Putin represents to the New October Revolution in Russia a country whose mission is to provide for the welfare of its nation, through a partnership of government and free enterprise , combined with political freedoms to openly express oneself in a public forum, and allow for popular elections....which brings the E Pluribus Unum into the political spotlight.....where the leadership represents the dynamic synergy of the full passion and personality of the Russian peoples.
What Russia needs to convey to the world, and especially the West .... is that Russia, as a country, will be easy to understand and deal with, because the country embraces Democracy, which is a political life form the West understands best.
Although economic justice was at the vanguard of the Soviet State, it was a political organism which turned it's back on God and thus, the proper spiritual psyche of the nation was arrested due to this divorce from the divine hand which created our world....bringing a lot of bad luck to its nation and its people the new Russia under President Putin's leadership, provides freedom, prosperity, and economic security to its people through the dynamic economic exchange between nations, allowing the wealth of its nation to grow, as it exports it material the nation slowly raises it's standard of living and celebrates the next New Year in style.
The escaping to the past is the road to nowhere. What Russia needs is a lot of sweat and hard work from the common man in the street as he gives to his nation his time and energy in building a new infrastructure, creating opportunity for the young; as Russia works on feeding its great nation, through its agriculture and industrial activity and when the cash comes flowing in, and other nations begin to wane we'll see which nation will be popping the Champaign bottles of its hard earned they make a New Year's resolution not to look into the past, except for the great wisdom embodied in her country's literature and the perfection of her arts and music, which embodies the both the majesty and divinity of Russia's soul and personality.
George Person

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov