The American slogans

In the past as I have written articles that have been posted in The Pravda. On some occasions, I have either been called anti-American or that I may not say any thiing good about my country. Yet as to the viewpoint of some readers of The Pravda, understanding the concepts of what American citizens are afforded by the constitution and the bill of rights, handed down by our

As in my own words I wrote about atrocities committed here in America, in its history. Americans and the citizens of the world have either read or heard such slogans as: UNITED WE STAND, GOD BLESS AMERICA, or IN GOD WE TRUST.

The concept of UNITED WE STAND, has been grossly mis-conceived. The statement came from the concept as written for standings of democracy, that we form a more perfect union of unity and freedom from oppression. UNITED WE STAND, was not intended in the modern concept of. America will go and kick butt where and when it wants to in the name of freedom. Then citing GOD BLESS AMERICA, while engaged in a so called act of war.

Bringing to thought the concept that the first pilgrims came to America to practice the freedoms of religion without auspices of government dictating such matters. Yet as the King James version of the bible. One of the Ten Commandments is thou shall not kill. Yet a verse in the bible that states. SMITE THY ENEMY. But to read the definition of the word SMITE, it says nothing in the context of killing. SMITE is defined more in the context of committing to the act of surprise.

All to often the slogan of GOD BLESS AMERICA in present day is rather so present. May I question, What does God need to bless in my country? Hasn't it been blessed enough.

Yet so many times recently the American citizens are reminded there is a separation of church and state. In my opinion I see contradictions taking place. Recently a judge in a southern state was removed from his position, due to he refused to remove the contents of the ten commandments from the rotunda of the court house he presided at. WHEREAS: The laws of this land of America were written as the ten commandments as the foundation.

Recently, a father petitioned the supreme court of the United States. Requesting that the words UNDER GOD be removed from the pledge to the American flag. Because his child did not believe in God. The argument and petition were denied. The judges wrote that the parent could not speak for or represent the child in a court of law. Yet in context, this is where the Supreme Court has its own contradiction in its judgements. During the 1960's, a mother, petitioned the US supreme court. Requesting that prayer be removed from public schools period. The reason she and her daughter did not believe in God. The petition was ruled upon and the court ordered prayer to be removed from public schools.

In the latter part of the previous paragraph. With the ruling of removing prayer from public schools. In a sense contradicts the democracy of this great land. Such situations that are fore mentioned in the last paragraph. Should have been petitioned to the representatives of this land to decide on by vote in rather these situations be kept or deleted. WHEREAS: The supreme court of this land is petitioned in some matters that infringe upon the free rights given to we citizens.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov