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Horror of Beslan – readers’ letters

Dear Russians: 
My heart goes out to the mothers and fathers who lost children in the Beslan horror. I extend my condolences to the whole Russia people. 
I live in Ft. Myers, Florida. Many people in this area talking about what happened to the people of Beslan. The vast majority of people are outraged. We have what is called talk radio. Call after call is from Americans who are talking about what the Muslim TERRORISTS did and the horror that they unleashed on the citizens of Russia.
I want you to know that you have the support and understanding of millions of Americans. Many web sites have been set up to tell what transpired in Beslan. The attack is in the newspapers, magazines, TV news and mostly talk radio and cable TV.
I personally called the President's office to express my view that this the United States should support the Russian nation in your efforts to rid  the earth of this vermin called terrorists. I told the President's office that any support for the murderers of Chechnya would be met with fierce opposition from millions of Americans. I suggested that he sent an representative to Beslan to honor the dead and support the living. I told the office that if he waffled in the matter of supporting Chechen terrorists that I would no longer be a supporter of Mr. Bush.
I taught school for 28 years. Someone who would treat the children as did the animals called Chechen Muslims are not worthy to belong to the human family.
It is my firm desire to visit Beslan in the coming months. I consider Beslan to a sacred site like the World Trade Center, Normandy or your own city of St. Petersburg.
I hope that you find these barbarians and bring them to swift justice.
Sincerely yours,
Robert M. Smith
Ft. Myers, Florida

Our thoughts are with Russians

Our thoughts are with all of the Russian people as you deal with the horror of what happened in Beslan. May God bless all of you and those poor souls who were butchered by the terrorists.

Terra Verde Corp.

The atrocities in Beslan

Dear editor:
You should know that many Canadians feel profound sympathy with the Russian people over what has happened in Beslan. Russia has given the world great literature, art and music. Its people are among the most gifted, intelligent, friendly and beautiful on earth. In the years ahead, it will grow and prosper. And it will overcome and defeat these monsters from Chechnya and from foreign parts, whether it takes one year or twenty. It has to. Russia is fighting not only for its integrity as a nation but for decency and humanity on behalf of us all. This evil enemy can not be allowed to win - or survive. Like it or not, this is an historic task. God bless you all.

George Ekins

To The Russian People:

We are the children who live at Girls and Boys Town in the USA.  We want to express to all of you, and especially to the mothers and fathers of the dead children, our deepest and most heartfelt sympathy.

The Beslan hostage crisis victims make us weep with you.  What sadness.  What tragedy.

We are children whose families are very mixed up.  We know what it means to be sad inside our hearts.  We send you our love and the promise of our prayers.  May you find comfort in our message.

Sincerely yours,
Father Val J. Peter, JCD, STD
Executive Director
Girls and Boys Town
Boys Town, NE