America is my home

In the past I wrote many articles in the Pravda in an attempt to cite past atrocities in Americas history.   My articles were on the more recent past in which America and some of its endeavors or situations America did or did not respond to.  The effect was the critisicm  of my person, I was called  ANTI-AMERICAN.

In reading the article presented by Terry Walker.  Yes, your opinion is well, deserving  and in many cases is true.  But may I continue as some things I have either seen, heard or experienced here in AMERICA.  AS AN ALL AMERICAN MUTT.  I carry Iroqouis and Abnakie Indian blood and am also half white.  At times I experienced ANTI-SEMITIC slants in my direction because I look like a Jew to some.  I served proudly in the US Army.  While I served, a fellow soldier was of German desent.  His grandfather served under Hitlers Dictatorship in the SS Waffen.  Because of my appearance I was a worthless Jew to the person and he was American born as I am.

A few years ago I was working with a construction crew of all Abnakie Indians, their roots are of Vermont USA.  We were working in Killington, Vermont where one of the larger ski areas is.   All of us were refused at a local retail food establishment  under the guise of EXTREAM BIAS AND BIGOTRY, Because it were an indian crew.  As Blacks were turned away in the south from white establishments before the civil rights.

Very recently I moved from the North-East  to one of the Sourthern states, partly due to medical reasons. My body can no longer tolerate the brutal sub-zero weather.  Currently I am harrassed as a DAMNED YANKEE WHO CAME SOUTH AND WON'T GO HOME.  People seem to think as I am a DAMNED YANKEE I will work the worthless low paying jobs they don't want themselves.  Left to the yes suh NIGGERS as southerners still reffer to Black African Americans or for the Mexican work force that is here legaly.

To include I hear almost every day about the Iraq conflict.  With a BIGOT and BIAS demeanor attitude.  On how our President oughta NUKE ALL THE SANDNIGGERS IN THE MIDDLE EAST.  Men women and children alike so we can have
the oil all to ourselves.

AS an AMERICAN  reguardless of my orgins.   I have lived in America all my natural life. There is more I can tell  in how AMERICANS TREAT EACH OTHER.  I do not have to.  AMERICANS know what happens here at home.  I am not bitter and I am not ANTI-AMERICAN.   What I can agree with is the impression AMERICA HAS GIVEN TO PEOPLE LIKE MR. HINCHEY.

In the most part I despise TERRORIST ACTS  as COWARDANCE in trying to gain control or attention.  I loth TERRORISM when the acts kill innocent men, women and children.  Yet I always question  the MOTIVATOR, COMMON
DENOMINATOR AND THE TRIGGER TO TERRORISM.  As to the cause of Terrorist acts in the first place.

To also include.  As free Americans as we the public are always reminded of.   The people all of us elect into office.  To serve  the public in the best intrest of the people.   Those servants that bring their own agendas with them in the most part many times are not in the best intrest of America.

AS I see in fellow citizens right next door.  Im in your face and I don't like you and I will pick on what is in your yard because I Am BETTER THEN YOU.  Our own government does the same thing, As it externalizes in THE ARENA OF INTERNATIONAL POLITICS.

America can have the best of tecnology in its commitmet in warefare.  It can stockpile nuclear arms and biological chemicals or bacterias.  Even be recommited to continuing research and building the SDI  from the Reygan years.  SDI is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN CONCEPT. BUT!!!!!  When a third world nation even whispers anywhere near these forms of weapons in attempting to gain a foothold in INTERNATIONAL POLITICS.  Automaticly they become a TERRORIST THREAT TO THE MIGHTY AMERICA.   YES MY FELLOW AMERICANS ALL FOR THE NAME OF FREEDOM?

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova