Russian tragedy - readers' letters on Beslan

The West wants to tell President Putin how to bring peace?
I was outraged at comments from the French after the murdered of Russian citizens/children.  To condemn the handling of a situation they knew nothing about speaks volumes of there arrogance.  The government of my country trying to encourage negotiations with territories in Chechnya is unbelievable.  The West wants to tell President Putin how to bring peace?  What piece have they brought to Israel?  In over 20 years of negotiations, sponsored by the US, between Israel and Palestine they are not close to a piece settlement.  Homicide bombers are killing Jews almost daily.                        

If those of the Muslims faith do not police and bring to justice the radical element of there society that now are murdering children, the world will turn on all Muslims.  Is not a society responsible for its progeny?

My heart goes out to the families of those suffering from the acts of the Muslim terrorist in your country.  My best wishes go to President Putin and the peoples of Russia in hopes you will be strong and demonstrate to the world how to deal with this scourge on the people of Russia. 

May you have victory and piece!
Buddy Bayne
Greenville, SC

To President Putin and  Residents of  Beslan 
We share your grief for the loss of all your precious loved ones.
It is my hope the your esteemed President Putin and President  George Bush and Great Britain's Tony Blair will arrange to meet and join forces against the evil being perpetrated against all  our nations.
We need to arm against these killer and thugs.  My family emigrated from Russia and I know the tenacity and resilience we have in our blood.  However, your pain is our pain and you are in our prayers and thoughts constantly.  Please let us know how we can help.
Your Brothers and Sister in America

Our support

One cannot put into words the anger and sorrow I feel for the people of Beslan. As a former New York City Police Officer, I felt the same rage I did on Sep 11, 2001.
The slaughter of children & innocents can only be met with one response, and it needs to be swift and savage. Governments cannot, and should not, even attempt to negotiate with these genetic mistakes.
President Putin has the support of all right thinking human beings. He has to act NOW. Dont worry & whine about who the United States spoke with three years ago. I garuntee we Americans, and our government, will stand behind any legitmate action taken.
Dan C.
Brookyn, NY


I can sense the international outrage over the Chechnen/Muslim murders of so many innocent Russian citizens...Vengeance belongs to the people of Russia, anytime, anyplace, anyway.
No one on this earth can ever know the emotional pain the survivors and family members are feeling and will feel forever.
My sympathy to them all.

Vincent Boylan

The massacre in Beslan

It is nearly impossible to read the news reports of the massacre at Beslan with eyes filled with tears.  It is difficult to suppress a return of the same emotions I felt as the smell of death drifted over the green trees in Brooklyn on the morning of 9/11. I didn't write any letters then. I collected food for the people who dug through the debris, searching for survivors they would not find. I sent money and clothes to aid rescue organizations. I left flowers beside the pictures of innocent victims of all ethnicities, caught in an outburst of hatred they didn't provoke and couldn't understand. But I, a  writer, didn't
write letters to anyone. Perhaps I was just too numb.

But I cannot let the events that took place at Beslan go unnoted.

As a New Yorker, as an American, as a mother, as an author of
children's books, and as a human being, I write now to express my condolences for the families in Beslan and throughout Russia, as you mourn these events. Your tragedy is our tragedy. The passage of time, not words, will help bring some relief. But as we dry our tears, we must resolve to stay united in disavowing terrorism. It is time to make our voices heard.

Voices throughout the Muslim world have finally begun to speak in protest. We must support those efforts. Revenge may be sweet, but guns and bombs alone will not end the terrible cancer that has gripped our planet. Textbooks filled with distorted lies and hatred have to be replaced with books of historical fact. The world community must stop supporting corrupt regimes throughout the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere.  Ethnic rivalries have got to stop now. It will take
creative thinking, restraint, and a common desire stronger than blood lust to right the wrongs that persist among the poorest populations of the world. The dignity achieved through higher education and a good job must replace the indignity of ignorance and hopelessness. Reason must replace brutality.

The best memorial for the children of Beslan-- and indeed, the victims of 9/11, the Madrid bombings, the beheadings in Iraq, the bus bombings in Israeli, the nightclub bombings in Bali, and the slaughter of other innocent civilians in terrorist activities too numerous to mention - would be the formation of an apolitical international commission committed to taking a realistic and unbiased look at the roots of the disease, and a universal will to pursue whatever actions are necessary to prevent it. The world community must come together to face the issues that drive this ugly force and find a way to restore
sanity, security and a sense of joy to our daily lives.

Roberta Grobel Intrater
Brooklyn, New York

Tragedy in Beslan

To the good people of Russia:
Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the people and families of Beslan and to everyone in Russia.
These words are not adequate to express how we feel about the horrifying and senseless murders of the children and people at the elementary school in Beslan by these horrible terrorists. Please know that all of you are in our prayers and we will continue to pray for everyone there and for those who will stand up against these terrorists.  Please let us know what we
can to do to assist you in any way. With heartfelt sadness.

Sincerely Liala Berger, Arizona, United States

Stand tall and firm

Dear and Russian people:

In the times of great tragedies, like your people experienced in last couple of weeks, we all stand with you and share your agony of loosing your school children and people that you cared about.

Please accept my codolences and my most sincere prayers for the families  that lost their children and loved ones in the cruel terrostic attacks.

Russion people paid too high a price for the freedom of today's world and both World Wars. They don't need to bleed again.
Your counrty and military are capable in defending your people and you have every right to stand up and use your available military power in defense of your country.

May God help you in all your strugles and all good people of this world will be with you in their hearts.

With love,
Dr. Miroslav Makovic

Sincere condolences

Russian People,
 I am so sorry for what has happened to you & your country. When I viewed the unprovoked attack on your children in Beslan it brought tears to my eyes. These tears were not just out of sadness but also anger & frustration. I just want whoever reads this to know that you are not alone. I am a policeman in Chicago so I understand what my brothers who were dealing with those barbarians were going through. It is very easy for me to see something like that happening here though I pray it will never happen anywhere again. Please accept my sincere condolences. Though I cannot speak for my government, please know that whatever you decide to do you have the backing of the American people.

Deepest Sincerity
                                                                                        Gerald J. Kush


To all the families in Beslan, everyone at the Emsar corporation where I work, wants you to know how sorry we are for what happened to your children when I read what president Putin had to say about the terrorists, I had to agree with him. the Chechens  and the Muslims have declared war on children. They all like to brag and wave their guns at the TV cameras, but once they're caught, they all squeal like pigs. I feel one of the best things you could do to them, would be to spray pig shit all over Chechnya, then bomb them to kingdom come. Their fear of pigs and pork are a sign of the way to defeat them. Deport them like stalin did. Then turn all of Chechnya into one giant pig farm! My heart goes out to you and your loved ones in this dark hour. 
Tom Latina
St. Winsted, USA

Beslan tragedy – my condolences

Please accept my deepest sympathies for all those who were killed in this horrible tragedy.  For those that were injured I will pray for their speedy and full recovery and also that over time their nightmares will diminish.
Norma Newkirk
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Russian tragedy

To all Russian people our most deepest sympathy for the tragedy  and hope the world will  no the responsibility of the world again this Islamic terrorist that don’t have any regard for children and women.

David Taurel

May the morning break and the shadow flee

pray that we will be kind and patient with those families that suffer so greatly from this terrible tragedy and hope we will help carry their burdens so they might be light.
We are truly our brother's keeper. 
Richard from Arizona City, Arizona


I feel Russia has a chance to lead the world in Peace. You are one of the few countries in the world where troubles are accessed by land to your friends and foes. The greatest thing in the world to happen at this moment in history would be for a peace march to start from Beslan  and  Chechnya  and they meet in the middle.  Please lead and others will follow.

Jim & Pamela Law

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