You rarely see the soul of the USA

I am a busy, hardworking nurse in the USA, and as such, my time is somewhat limited.  
I would be derelict in my consience, however, if I did not pop off a note to you.   It is the first time I have navigated to the website.   Your scurrilous attacks on the USA are greatly misplaced.  Look to your own history for a record of death and destruction of the human spirit/soul before you point your accusatory fingers elsewhere, I note you mostly carry the rather frivolous articles on American actors, etc.   Point your half-truths and exaggerations toward them.   You seem to relish their inane escapades...why else would you print them?  This is not mainstream USA.   I see no articles by those with half a brain in our country.   Are you that superficial, too?  The media elite do not compose the soul of America. 
I was born in Canada and became a citizen at age 16....I am now 55 and still take my oath seriously, that of defending the Constitution from attack, both from enemies without and within our borders.   I consider Islamic killers/butchers attacks from without.  And, I consider the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-gambling crowd of the media and some of the news elite as enemies within.  We have a big battle on our hands, have you lost the will to stand for righteousness?  
It is sometimes frustrating fighting the internal and external enemies.  But, we still comprise the heart and soul of America.   We live, work, and serve the Lord.    You rarely see us because we invest our time both willingly and out of necessity raising our families, contributing to society, attending church and praying.  We don't crave publicity.
The socialist mentality of most of the Euros and Canada itself is testimony to the arrogant and depraved view that man has the wisdom to rule himself.
The silent majority,

Arlene Whittingham, RN

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova