Kerry, Kerry... Is it any of your business?

I am a American and wonder how you would feel if our newspapers started printing that you owe us support for past deeds. How dare you print that the American people owe it to the world to vote for Kerry.

The UN.. have you heard of the oil for food scandal? Do you know they were taking Saddams money while he was starving children? This from the group of countries we host. Voting for sanctions and yet violating them at the same time.

France supplying arms to Saddam while sanctions are in place. Not to mention Russia and China. Do you think the 10 Billion dollars Saddam owed France had anything to do with their support? You say Iraq was not sponsoring terrorism but Saddam was giving 2500 dollars to myrtrs in Gaza. Saddam himself was a WMD more than any conventional weapon.

You talk about the mass killings by America, yet you totally ignore that fact that Saddam routinley killed hundreds of thousands. He tortured more than that.

How many people died under Stalin while the world sat on its hands. Including America I might add. That is so unfair to the people that Stalin killed and tortured. I do not even want to go to WWII or WWI where it was the Europeans who kindled war and slaughtered people by the thousands.. What about prisons in other countries? ie: Eygpt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, to name a few. Would you rather be in Gitmo or in one of their prisons?

Go ahead and complain about the USA. If we did claim Iraq as part of the USA would they be better or worse off? If they had a vote in the leader of the country and their cities would they not have a better govt? Do you think living under the will of a king or single person is better than being free?

I think you can keep your corrupt goverments over there. You point the finger at the USA, yet you have a bigger blotch in your eye.

By the way I thank you for your ill conceived article. I plan to link it so the rest of America can see just what kind of people are on the other side of the world.

John Peck

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova