Condolences - Readers' letters on Beslan tragedy

Unless you become as a child

Christ said that unless we become as children, we shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. He also said "Let the little children come to Me."
Children obviously have a special place in His Heart. Woe to those,then, who caused them such suffering and pain. I am filled with sorrow for your people's present agony.
Your friend in the states,
Cathy Carpinelli
Providence, Rhode Island

Beslan and terrorists

To the Russian People:

As an American, please accept my condolences on the tragic loss of life at the school in Beslan. I cannot think of anything more tragic then the deaths of children, killed without cause, except to further a terrorist agenda. These criminals are not "rebels" they are murders, terrorists, thugs. Maybe the situation could have been better, but think, what you would have done when children are being shot in the back trying to escape.
It is pure humanity to try and protect any child. The Combat Troops and Police did not want to kill any children, but you must realize that this was the only outcome. These terrorists had no intention of doing anything but killing. If they were serious about negotiations, why would they not allow food and water to be at least given to the children?

They should not be able to find a safe harbor to continue to plot and plan the next strike against anyone. I wish it were within my power to get the two leaders of our countries together, join forces and wipe these terrorists from the face of the earth. No place on this earth should be safe for them and if any country harbors them, the leaders of that country should have a choice. Give them up or perish with them. No if, ands, or buts. Live with us or die with the terrorists. Unfortunately, this seems impossible. To many fears and old thoughts run through our countries leaders to allow the United States and Russia to join as one Band of Brothers to defeat an enemy that kills us both. It is a shame. There is nothing more that would send the terrorists the message, that they have no place to hide, if the United States and Russia would just combine together for the battle.

As I said before, I am truly sorry for the deaths of so many innocent children in Beslan. I blame no one, but the thugs and criminals that took those children hostage. There is no other person you can blame, not yourselves, not your Government, only the terrorists should be blamed, hunted down, and matter where they hide. I say good luck to
the Russian people and I hope you find everyone of these terrorists and give them the only sentence possible, death.

Larry Whitehurst
Mt Horeb, WI
United States of America

Beslan tragedy

I offer my condolences and hopes for the good people of Beslan in this time of trial.  There is no reason for what happened save that evil strides across the world under the guise of justice.  The government's of the United States and Russia should deal with the scourge of terrorism as friends in
much the same way that American and Russian people live, work and enjoy each other as neighbors. 
Bob Warren, Williamsburg, Virginia  

A letter of condolence

I wanted to take this time to offer my sincerest condolences to the people of Russia, and to the families who experienced such a great loss in this most recent tragedy. Lives have not only been lost, they have been changed: and those changes will echo throughout the lives of those left behind, and for many countless years to come.
It seems as if a great blanket of evil and sorrow has come to rest across the entire World: and areas that were once peaceful now have to endure tragedies that can only be described as "epic" in nature. It is possible that people who survive this tragedy will know nothing but despair, and it may seem that Life is no longer worth living...
But know this: even now throughout the World, there are those that are Praying for you, those that are left behind. I am one of them: and I hope I speak for the countless more that Pray for your strength to get through this, and that your Souls will one day walk in light again. Indeed, one day you will walk with your loved ones again, and each day that day is closer. They are with God now, and they will know nothing more of the sorrows of this World. 
For all of you, those that remain here, we Pray for Peace, Strength, and Hope...
John W. Click
United States

Open letter to the people of Beslan

My heart goes out to the people of Beslan and to all
Russians for the terrible act that has been committed
against you and your children.

Our youngsters are precious beyond words. They
represent everything that is good and innocent in a
troubled world. As a father, I can only imagine the
grief and the anguish that the parents of the little
ones murdered in Beslan must live with for the rest of
their lives. I want you to know that you are in my
thoughts and prayers.
During this difficult time, it is easy to second-guess
and blame each other, as we have done in the United
States since the attack on our World Trade Center.
But, the ones who are to blame in Beslan are the
barbarians who attacked a place where children are
supposed to be safe, where they go to learn about the
world in which they live, and how to resolve conflict
without having to resort to violence.

The world today is a much smaller place than it once
was. We are in this together, whether we live in
Beslan or Bosnia or New York. As citizens of the
world, we owe it to our children to share resources in
a global effort to root out and destroy terrorism in
whatever corner of the world it festers. I hope that
our governments will work together toward this end.

For now, please accept my heartfelt sympathies. You
are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely yours,
Christopher Florentz

The children of Russia

Dear Sir,
I live in Atlanta, Georgia and wish to express my heartfelt sympathy for the children and family slain needlessly. What a horror that humanity has come to this place in time. How can any conflict or religion justify such a wanton disregard for an innocent life.I am appalled, disgusted and depressed. 
I will pray for your sons and daughters.
Bill Whittaker

Beslan massacre

I am a retired U.S. Navy veteran of 20 years service.  No civilized person could condone or find apology for the vermin that brutally murdered your innocents.  Honorable men do not target children. These terrorists are cowards without honor, without any vesitge of humanity and should be scourged from the earth wherever they may be, by whatever means necesssary.
Your military and police forces had no other choice but to act with force and violence in this incident and aquitted themselves bravely, as did common citizens. We would do no less under the circumstances. My family and friends send deepest condolances tho the people of Breslan and The Russian Federation.
We have shared a common grief brought about by a common enemy. I can only pray we will share a common vengence upon those who would visit these unspeakable acts upon ordinary people under the guise of holy warriors for Allah. "Islam Delenda Est!"
Bill Shaw
Baltimore, Maryland USA

Letter to President Putin

Good Morning,
My name is Jean A Roseville.I live in Port au Prince ,Haiti. I am writing this letter to Putin,the President of Russia.
It was last week I saw your picture on the internet. You were touching a child that was hurt by the terrorists who took the hundreds hostage.The picture was associated with the story of the incident.It is quite comforting to see the president of a super power with tears in his eyes.It shows how human you are and how much you care for your people.As I sat in front of my computer,I wept for a long time.You see, ever since I was a child,I had always loved the Russian People.I love your culture,your history and your your misunderstood but strong resolve.I also dreamed of visiting Russia,but I am a poor man who lives in a poor country,so I just dream.
"Russia does not negotiate with terrorits,it annihilates them"
That was your statement on Febuary 6,2004.It goes very well with another statement That I saw on the net today.Russia's top general says that Russia will strike terrorits bases wherever they are. I have been waiting to hear that or a long time.It is about time that The Russia that I respect makes such a statement.
I am with you just as I grieved for you dead last week.
Terrorists are not humans,they are demons.They say Glory to God when they kill people.It is a lie. The God that I believe in is a good God  and does not condone myrder of babies.
Go get them and God Bless you.
Jean A Roseville


I offer the Russian people and leaders my heartfelt sympathy. I support Putin concerning Chechnya. The line has been crossed by the Chechen’s and their Arab terrorist supporters. Americans and Russians should fully cooperate to fight all forms of terrorism.

Tony Niemann
Taylorsville, KY

This is how American feel

I read Pravda for the first time. I wanted Russians to know that we Americans share their grief over Beslan and other terrorist attacks. Don’t be misled by our mainstream media. I don’t know about your newsmen, but ours primp around onscreen in make-up, wigs, and lipstick. They have no qualifications to speak for our country, other than they look good before a camera and can read a teleprompter. Our print media is composed of persons with few qualifications other than a liberal arts education and some typing skills. If you want to know how Americans really feel, listen to me. We’re mad as hell, and we’re not taking it anymore. We stand with Russia.
K. Clay Dawson
Winston-Salem, NC

What to do


In the wilderness regions of your country. When a wolf has killed your livestock, What have you done to solve the problem?

The terrorist is the wolf. It is that simple.

If your leaders do anything less, they are ineffectual. Get rid of them. Then bait and hunt the wolf.

Jim Harvey
Minneapolis, MN. USA

Letter of condolence to the people of Russia

Dear People of Russia and Especially to you ALL Dear Ones in Beslan,

I am a  60 year old American woman.  I live in the State of California and I have been crying for you ever since I have heard of your terrible, terrible tragedy in your school.  I almost do not know what to say.  I have been trying to find words ever since the breaking news.  Today I have found some words.  Maybe later I will find some more.

My HEART BLEEDS with you - FOR YOU ALL.  My HEART CRIES with you all.  CRIES and CRIES and CRIES...

Your pain is as if it is my own pain.

I read about your news every day and I pray for your each day too.  My words are short my thoughts are long - I keep trying to find words.  There are no good words - the pain is too much.  I will try though because I have many thoughts.

I am blessed with three grown daughters.  Their father is of half Russian decent  and I think about that and I also think about ALL the children of the world. I think about THE INNOCENTS - the LOVELY, the DEAR and INNOCENT CHILDREN of Beslan every day now.  The LIVING children and the children taken from you.

I think about what you have seen - what will be forever in your minds.

ALL children are innocent, lovely, dear...full of laughter, love, hope, expectations, dreams and life and should never be KILLED.

I think about the UNHOLY, the pure EVIL terrorists who came to your unsuspecting town, your SCHOOL - A school, a place of PEACE and learning and happy voices and laughter, singing, dreams and of future.

These terrorists KNEW this.  There is NO blame to be given except to THEM - the horrible people who deliberately strung up explosives in the a gym for children.  There is NO greater EVIL than what THEY alone did on that day - period.

Jesus said in Luke 17:2
It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck.  Truly this would be better for him than to cause one of these little ones to fall.

This means to me that Jesus meant HARMING/KILLING a child was a DEATH SENTENCE to those who did the harming and killing.  No one is allowed to kill children in His name or in any GOD'S name.  I know of NO valid world religion that condones the massacring of children.

Stop pointing fingers at other people within Russia - your government - your police - your - military, etc., etc.

The EVIL resides in ONE place ONLY - the planners and executers of this, THIS horrific act - THE TERRORISTS ACTIONS!

There is NO justification - NO CAUSE - NO NOTHING worthy of even a breath of a "reason" WHY.

Anyone who even attempts to give one is as despicable as the perpetrators/terrorists themselves, in my opinion.


To DELIBERATELY enter a SCHOOL, a HOSPITAL, a CHURCH or other place of worship with the INTENT to slaughter people is an HORRENDOUS ACT of COWARDICE!

To harm - KILL A CHILD, A CHILD....MY whatever name you call an INSANE ACT.

My words fail me, I am so sorry.

Do not BLAME your own anymore, PLEASE.  It is wasted energy.

Please look to how you can FIX the problems of HOW it came about.  THAT is CONSTRUCTIVE.  THAT IS GOOD ENERGY.

How can can make yourselves safer FROM NOW ON.  Look to how you can rid yourselves of the TERRORISTS not other people's children.  Please be careful.

I do not feel the USA was right in going into Iraq.

I do believe we are right in being in Afghanistan and maybe other areas of the world.

But we have used too many recourses,too much money and soldiers in a needless chase in Iraq while other places are HOT.

Perhaps Russia, the USA, Britain and other European nations as well as other decent nations around the world can join forces and track down this terrible menace - these non-God fearing terrorists in a combined effort.  We would win for sure then!

I pray for such an effort.  I know Russia is a mighty force as is America and other nations - skilled and clever forces - we just need to get it right and not play the BLAME GAME!

Who would ever have thought such terrible evil existed in WW II and then again and again and even before?  Human history is full of terrible, terrible things - it boggles the mind.  Let's join together and NOT tolerate NO MORE.

America certainly never did expect 9/11...there were children killed then too but not with such a concentrated mind set.  I don't know HOW EVIL can be judged. That is a job for God alone but we know PAIN and this is TOO MUCH.

Please know that the WORLD is with you, Russia.  Many, many, many millions of people are holding you in their hearts right this very moment and all through each day.

God bless you and be strong.  He will get us through this.  I will try to write and with LOVE and HOPE again.

Much love to all of Russia and Beslan in particular,

Susan Marie Stevens

America and Russia

One can now see that global islamic terrorist wish to destroy not only the towers of economic hope but also the innocent children who's hopes and dreams vanish for know other reason than pure hate. My heart goes out the all the families who have been touched my these evil warriors of Islam. The people of Russia should now know what it was like for America on 9/11. Together we can unite the world against these Islamic
Radical Idiots that wish to spread hatred like cancer all over this precious planet.

Dalton Priddy
Santa Barbara, California

Chechnya, Palestine

I join in your grief over the slaughter of innocents at Beslan.

The news item quoted above made me ask myself aloud, if Russia criticizes the U.S. for holding talks with Chechen separatists, how is it that Russia has found it quite acceptable for many years to talk with and support Yassir Arafat, who has planned and approved of similar terrorist acts against Jews in Israel and elsewhere. Arafat and company claim the right to a separate state, as do the Chechens.

Why are the Chechens wrong, in Russia's eyes, but the Palestinian Arabs (El Fatah/Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Yasir Arafat) are seen as right?


Terrorist and there followers they will be no “safe harbor"!
It appears that President Bush forget what this war on terrorism is all about. Chechen rebels Akhmed Zakaev and Ilyas Akhmadov who had been granted political asylum in Great Britain and the USA. What? My president and his administration as well as the Prime Minister Blaire administration in England have given these “criminals” sanctuary. Have they not forgotten what happen on September 11, 2001?

Our state department spokesman, Richard Boucher seems to not to have cared what happen in Beslan Russia as well as the bombing of the two aircraft. I would like to remind Mr. Boucher of the bombing of the apartment buildings in Moscow a few yeas ago as well as the situation with the “Black Widows” that had a thousand hostages in a Moscow theater. Let’s not forget the “Black Widows” who blew themselves up in a rock concert. I know Mr. Boucher is only a spokesman for the United States State Department.  How can say that our government (USA) met with people from Chechnya? Were they talking to “terrorists”?  There is am old adage of “one man freedom fighter is one man terrorist?”  Are two great nations going to have another “Cold War”? I hope not.

I hope both nations can get together and tell “terrorist” and there followers they will be no “safe harbor”. You can not hide from your actions. They must pay the price for actions against people that have free will. 

William Mark Clarke
Las Vegas Nevada

I would like to join themany other Americans who have written to you in expressing my shock, revulsion, anger, and deepest sympathy at the tragic event the Russian people have suffered this past week.  I could go on and on repeating and agreeing with what others have written, but instead, I will simply say that they speak for me.  I understand that this was the 9/11 of Russia.

In my opinion, Russian security forces acted rightly in this matter.  If we know that hostages are already being killed, the time to talk is passed, and the time to act is now.  Any critics of the Russian action need to take a reality test.

I do not at all agree with the present administration in Washington.  However, I do acknowledge that modern day Radical Islam are the Huns, and the rest of the world are the Romans.  This group, which I know well does not represent all Moslems, must be stomped like a bug by the most expedient and thorough means possible.

Ed, Connecticut, USA

Tragedy in Beslan

I offer my deepest condolences over the tragedy of the terrorist acts in Beslan.  The media here gives us little coverage, but I have been on the internet every day looking for an update.  This tragedy has truly struck me more deeply than the events of 9/11 here in my own country.  I still find it hard to believe that people can be this cold and heartless.  

I felt compelled to express my profound grief as well as to share that people do care. No matter how far we may be from each other, we are all brothers and sisters.

Krista Yedidovich, USA

Russia’s statement to strike terrorists

First and foremost as a human being then as an American - I welcome Russia's statement in telling the world, that terrorists will have  no place in the world where they can feel safe from payback for their terror. For terrorists who are willing to kill and maim children or plan such acts, there should be no place they can hide! Many people in the U.S. feel the same way and I would be delighted to see these child killers exterminated once and for all - pre-emptively, I might add! GO GET EM' PUTIN I wish you and Russia all the best in cleaning this house
of vermin!

Ray Bailey


Terrorist attacks against Russia

Dear Editor: 
I am, and always have been, a patriotic American. I esteem individual liberty, a gift from God described by my ancestors in their Declaration of Independence and protected by the Constitution they wrote.
As a Christian (and a retired preacher and pastor), I feel shock and sadness for the murder of so many children and others in that school in southern Russia. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones!
Government's main function is to protect people from human predators (domestic or foreign) and from the even more dangerous erosion of citizens' individual liberty by itself. But how can a government protect citizens from itself? In America, it has done so by limiting its OWN powers only to those enumerated in a good constitution.
The phrase "rule of law" means that each citizen and each government official is subject to the laws of the land. America's Constitution, which deliberately was based on Bible laws and principles, was designed by America's founding fathers to be our supreme law.
And it's precisely because the function of government is to protect its citizens and itself from predators, our own governments, with approval of the citizens, must not appease Islamic terrorists -- as the government of Spain did after the train bombing in Madrid.
Islamic terrorism is worldwide. So, I was glad to hear Mr. Putin vow to root out terrorists anywhere in the world. America and Russia need each other to fight against a skulking enemy who attacks worldwide.
In A.D. 1776, Benjamin Franklin, one of America's founders, signed the Declaration of Independence, an action that made him subject to execution if Britain won the ensuing war. Mr. Franklin warned his fellow signers, "Gentlemen, we must all hang together ["hang together" is a U.S. idiom for "stay on task together," instead of quitting or fleeing, one by one] or we all will hang [i.e., go to the gallows] separately."
Western civilization is under attack by Moslems who believe what the Koran teaches about "infidels" (an Islamic pejorative for non-Moslems). The war against terrorism actually is a war between two religions, with Islam on the offense and the rest of us on the defense.  U.S. President George Bush believes the best defense is a good offense. He believes in pre-emptive actions. Apparently, Mr. Putin does, too. I believe pre-emption is a prudent defensive policy.
I pray to our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, that we "infidels" will stay together, instead of being overwhelmed, one by one, by fanatical and ruthless killers of innocent people.
Please forgive me for my 0inability to write in the Russian language.
Rev. James Robert Rodgers
Houston, Texas
The United States of America

Beslan tragedy

Hello, my name is Scott Martin, I live in the southern United States. I wanted to write and let the Russian people know they are not alone in their grieving. My heart goes out to you and your children whose innocence was stolen, and to those who will have to live with the enormous void left by the loved ones lost in the horrible attack in Belsan. You are in the thoughts and prayers of many here in the U.S. I can not imagine any human being desiring to kill innocent people, muchless children. These cowards could only pray on the defenseless people at a school because they are evil cowards. The Russian people have every right to all measures necessary to ensure the safety of its people and they deserve the backing of the entire international community in this matter. The loss of your people on the planes last week was very disturbing but thoughts of your precious children have haunted me for days now and I do not know what I can do about it. The sadness this has brought to my life is difficult, but your grief must truly be unbearable. I wish I had words or the power to relieve your pain,but only GOD can do that. Our children hold the promise in our lives and to harm these gifts from GOD is a crime in the worst order. I can only hope that knowing you are not alone may help strengthen and console you some how. I know that as the bear is the symbol of the Russian people, that these cowards will find that Russia will defend her children more fiercely that a mother bear defends her cubs. I am at a loss of words to say so I will close extending my deepest sympathy for your loss and assure you that you will be in my prayers.

Beslan tragedy

Dear Editor:
It is refreshing to read your newspaper and get out of the orbit of the North American news mindset. Thank you.
Please allow me to add my humble comments to the heartbreaking and sorrowful events in Beslan. First of all please convey my deepest prayers of comfort to the victims of this savage act. I thought nothing could out do 9/11 for outright brutality but I was sadly mistaken, evil stalks this earth in the form of suicide bombers and terrorists and those that think that the solution to problems is through the end of the gun barrel.
Didn't Nostrodamus predict that such a war would occur and last for 27years?  If so we had better but aside all past differences and unite against this common enemy. How many more Beslan's before we wake-up and realize that the fate of all civilized nations is a stake. Pres. Putin and the people of the Russian Federation deserve our support least the sacrifice of these children is lost in the rush to blame, finger-point and scapegoat.
Rev. Alan Wilding


Our hearts and condolences go out to the people of Russia....Never negotiate with terrorists. The line has been crossed. We are with you all the way...
Eric W. De Baca
Victorville, California....USA

Letter of condolence


On behalf of myself and my fellow Americans:

Words cannot adequately relay the horror and revulsion with which we have watched the nightmare in Beslan unfold this past week. Nor can words property express our deep sympathy for and solidarity with the thousands of North Ossetians tasked with burying loved ones so senselessly torn from them.

After two weeks of terrorist attacks, we see the bitter fruit of war in Chechnya, and a loathsome new standard of barbarism.

In this darkest of hours, please convey our deepest sympathy and respect the Russian people. You are in our thoughts.

Very Sincerely,
Michael Colello
Seattle, WA.

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