Stan K: Democracy is an illusion to lure the ignorant to sleep

I think in the article "What drives US war policies" you missed one point about America. That is the people who want and own guns do it primarily for protection against there own governments lack of competence. You seem to infer that americans have guns to fight the governments global war. That is not case for the vast majority of us. We like our country, some of us love it, but we for the most part do not like our government. It is a beast which has taken over and has done everything it can to disarm and endebt us, and it will as soon as possible, enslave us. With articles like yours it adds fuel fuel to the gun gragbbers claims that the general public is not capable. Well, the U.S. constitution defines the right to bear arms necessay to protect against tyrants foriegn and domestic, (read the federalist papers). Unfortunatley, our little pop guns would have no effect againt c130 gatling guns ships and the as the Iraqis have demonstrated.

The war mongers are global in nature just look at who is in the colalition to conquer the world. Democracy is an illusion to lure the ignorant to sleep. The republic of soverign states was america, today our government is an administrative agency doing the dirty deeds of the global corporate establisment. You have capitaist corporations and social corparations controlling everything and the individual counts for nothing.

Best regards from California

Stan K'

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova