Our grief - Readers' letters on Beslan tragedy

Beslan, 9/11 and terrorism
I speak for myself and my family with the deepest and most heartfelt sympathy for the victims and families of the Beslan tragedy. As an American who watched the World Trade Center towers collapse from the window of my office, I have been shocked beyond my wildest imagination by the acts of terrorists in my own land. The coldblooded killing here in the US pales, however, to the horrific events in Beslan over the past few days. The crimes against Russian children committed by these people are as despicable as any in history.

I imagine I share the sentiments of many Americans in wishing the Russian government all success in tracking and eradicating those responsible for this barbarity. It is time for our nations to cooperate with the rest of the world to make every conceivable effort, and to do everything humanly possible to rid the world of these people. They claim to have a higher cause, but live and act without morals or conscience. That they claim to act for any good purpose is to no avail. We all recognize them to be the scourge of the earth, and it is time for all good people to embrace each other's humanity and make the world a safer place.

Our prayers to those innocents who were lost, and to those who must bear their losses.

Tom Glerum

I am a retired U. S. Marine.  I wanted to express my condolences to those in Russia who have lost so much.  We in the U. S. have come to think of Russia as a friend again.  We wish your country the best and hope you catch all the terrorists and all those involved and who support them.  What they did was cowardly and they are scum.  All those who I have talked to feel the same.
R. E. Willis

Beslan tragedy

I am sorry for your tragedy and the horror of this terrorist attack.  There is no justification for such an atrocity.  Simply ignore those who call for patience and negotiations, and do what is necessary to secure the peace.

Dan Nelson
United States
Grieving with the Russian people

Our greatest condolences to the families of Beslan, and the people of Russia. This horrorific act is an abomination to all peoples of the world, and we grieve with you, as you grieved with us during the World Trade Center acts of terrorism on 9-11.

Our prayers go with you.

Stuart Johnson and family

The Beslan tragedy

We here feel the pain of the people of the Russian Federation, and particularly of those whose children and loved ones were murdered by the terrorists in Beslan.

Nick Stroud, Thousand Oaks, California

The sorrow of Beslan and the USA

People of Russia and Beslan,

 Please know that Americans stand with you in your sorrow.  What has happened to your children and parents is the lowest form of inhumanity.
The perpetrators are not humans, but animals which need only to be erased from the earth.  Stand firm in your resolve, even to those in my and other western governments who advise any form of negotiation with these creatures.  
If hell was created for any reason, it was created for these cowards.  Find them, and send them there.
May God help you all to get through this sorrow.

Ed Willett
St. Louis, Mo., USA


To the People of Russia,
I have recently traveled to Russia and find it 's people warm and friendly.  We are all citizens of the world and we must put our differences aside and fight the FACE of EVIL as we did in the last century.  This  menace cannot brutally kill children in Beslan without affecting children and people everywhere. 
Be assure that Americans feel your pain as we have experienced it ourselves.  Be also assured that we will stand with the Russian people until this evil is eradicated. 
God Bless Your Leaders and The Russian People!
Ruck Siddall
Orange Beach , Alabama USA


Dear Russian People:
My husband Dave and I want you to know that our prayer's are with you. We have felt pain at the hands of cowards like these. And that we the American people stand behind you in your fight to find and bring to justice these animal's. No one will be safe as long as we allow these people to run and hide. All the World needs to wake up and recognize what is happening and how low these beast will go to get what they want.
Your Loved one and your sweet babies will NOT be forgotten, we will pray for each one of you and them for a long, long time to come. I hope that you find some comfort in knowing that there are people across the sea who are pained for you and are in deep sorrow for you over the lost of those Dear children. My husband and I send a warm embrace to the Russian people.
Dave & Elena Cantwell
Fort Worth, Texas


Dear Russians,
I have tears in my eyes as I write this.
All my love & sympathy to you. I can't believe what monsters would do such a thing. There's no point in calling them animals, no animal would do such a thing to it's own kind.  It's barbaric in the extreme.
I live in New Zealand, as far away as you can get from Russia but we're still all shocked by what  happened.
Don't blame President Putin or your security forces. What on Earth else could they do? There was nothing they could do.
Neville Keatinge

America is with you

Dear Editor:

I have been crying for you and your children in Beslan. Freedom fighters do not plan and carry out the killings of children. May God's Spirit wrap around your hurt and bring comfort to those who grieve over the loss of loved ones. There is hope beyond this time and Americans will stand with
Russians to put an end to these criminal acts. We are here for you when you are ready to join us.

Ohio, USA

American response to Beslan terrorists attack


Americans stand with Russia in her grief and sorrow over the
terrible act of terrorism visited on the people of Beslan. In the faces of the murdered innocent children, we see our own children, and we know the pain can be too hard to bear.

Just as the world extended friendship and support to the United States after the carnage of the 9/11 attack, we extend our own friendship and support.

We also extend our alliance and our determination to work together to end this scourge of global terrorism.
The Al Qaeda-related organizations that have backed Chechen terrorists have also been behind the attacks on churches, mosques, and policemen in Iraq; have engaged in murderous attacks of western workers in Saudi Arabia; and have also been responsible for bombings in Madrid, in Istanbul, and in Bali. And that is just a sampling of Al Qaeda's crimes.
All of civilization has a common enemy in these acts of barbarism.

Together we suffer from these crimes, and together we shall overcome them.

Austin, TX


I am Canadian and wish to extend my condolences to all Russians who have been effect by recent terrorist acts. The actions of these terrorists sickens us all and I wish Canada would stand up and support Russian authorities in their fight against terrorism.

Paul Montague

Beslan tragedy

Dear Pravda,
I have tried and failed to find a way to send a message to the people of Beslan.  If you can, please forward the following to the local newspaper for the area.  My thanks, if you are able to do this.
Jean Livingstone

To the people of Beslan:-
I don't know you, I don't speak your language.  Yet, you are with me and in my heart at this time. 
Your President, Mr Putin,  has said thet the thoughts of the whole of Russia are with you.  He was wrong.  The  thoughts of the whole world are with you. 
I am just an ordinary person, going about my life as I expect that you all were, until now.  Please know that whilst we, (the rest of the world),  cannot help, we grieve with you for what you have lost.  We hold you tightly in our hearts and minds. 
The coming months and years will be the most difficult anyone has ever had to face.  Please be certain that although, your situation may not be on national telvision screens, we will never forget you or, what has happened in your town.
Try to be strong, we will try to be strong for you.
With my love,

I am mourning with you, Beslan

I hope I am writing this on the right place. I would like to say to the people of Beslan that although I cannot begin to imagine what you have all and are still going through as a mother I am mourning with you and for you. Also as a daughter I mourn with and for those of you who have lost parents. The thought of losing either my son or my mother or my partner makes my blood run cold and as such I have cried for you and for your losses. Myself and my family are keeping you all in our thoughts and are praying for you. I wish I could be there with you to hold you all through your grief but know that spiritually I am there.
Tracy Helliwell.
West Yorkshire


I think I have run out of words to describe the growing horror of terrorism.I can only weep with you and wish I were nearer to hug you tightly and give some help.
We love you,
Inma Sanz


To the people of Beslan,
I am amazed at how little factual coverage is being brought to the public's attention on this tragedy.  It may be due to the distance involved, but I certainly thought this matter was more important than the hurricane we, in America, were experiencing in our state of Florida.  Hurricanes come and go, but these type tragedies will linger with us forever.  This is on the same level as America's 09/11/01 attack by the terrorists.  So there are many of us who can mourn with you, as we knew a person in the south tower of the World Trade Center.  We have heard of the deadly activities, carried out by the Chechnya terrorists, for several years.  It appears this will cause your nation to join in implementing some of the safety features we have instigated here.
May God bless you all,
Roy Cantwell
Fort Worth, Texas

Children’s death

I am an American male 68 years old, so I have been around thru all of the cold war.I have seen the good and the bad times russia and america have gone through.My heart cries out to
you ,"the russian people" in these times of great dispair. Adults, men or women who would kill little children for political or religious reasons are the scum of the earth,they crawl on their bellies. To give them even mention in the news is degrading.America and Russia should join together in this fight, and remove them from this earth and from the history books so no one 70-80 years from now would even know they existed.I know this sounds very cold,but something has to done and now!!!!

Peace be with you

To all Russian People:
We want you to know that people on the other side of the world are crying and praying for you and your children in the wake of the Belsan horror.  Our children were starting school at the same time as yours were when they were cruelly taken hostage.  We have more in common now than ever - and we pray for peace in your country and peace in ours.
The Metzger Family
Camano Island, WA  USA

My deepest sympathies on Beslan tragedy


I am contacting you for two reasons: First and foremost to express my deepest sympathy, sadness and outrage concerning the Beslan atrocity.  There can be no justification for deliberately targeting, attacking and murdering children; the most innocent and vulnerable group in any society.

My next reason is to request the names of honest, creditable organizations where I may donate to help the relief of the families and survivors.

John S. McLeod, Jr.
Liberty Hill, South Carolina USA


My deepest condolences to those effected by the tragic events in Beslan. You are in all of our thoughts here in the U.S.

Brian Pals

A horrible, unconscionable tragedy

To all Russians: 
Few acts in the history of mankind will match such an attrocious, horrible murderous act as you have just experienced.  In many ways it was more horrible that the US's 9/11 attack. 
I do hope that the Bush Administration didn't contribute to this happening by releasing the Chechen rebel named "Akhmadov", who received asylum from the US just a few weeks ago, in spite of our Homeland Security's objecitons.  That would make the tragedy even worse.  (I'm sending a report I saw today on the Internet regarding this.....)
I do fear that Akhmadov did participate which would make the Bush Administraiton partially responsible.   This administration also ignored a Presidential Advisory on August 6 about the rising danger of a huge attack--just a month prior to September 11.  They did nothing.
Americans' hearts go out to you all.  I do hope you track down those who planned it and punish them severely.
Bea Rouse

Deep sadness

I weep bitter tears at the harm the brutal terrorists brought upon your people.
How can one call these vile killers "human"? They are Godless -evil beyond description!
Please help us rid the world of them.
Virginia, USA


Dear Editor:

Please express my wife's and my condolences on the
recent losses of life in Russia due to terrorism.  The
plane crashes were bad enough, but to have innocent
school children become victims to this insanity is
beyond belief.  It just shows how sub-human the
terrorists are.

Terrorism is an enemy that knows no borders.  And it
will take a coordinated effort of the nations that do
not condone this activity to end it.  I hope that
President Putin and President Bush can work together
to coordinate world efforts to defeat the terrorists.


Richard/Jill Anderson
Phoenix, Arizona

Open letter to the Russian people

     There is a world war brewing with radical Islam wishing to dominate the whole world.  Since it's begining it has been a join or die religion/belief sytem founded by Mohamad who was raised a Christian until like the modern Ron Hubbard borrowed from the  world's great religions and philosophies in a version he could use to join the various semitic nomadic tribes of the desert with the god of the sword, the god of the moon, the god of revenge and retributuion as it's spiritual focus.  I have read reports how during the Iran and Iraq war how they sent their own children into the minefields to set off those mines so that the adults could come across the mine fields to kill each other.   In the recorded history of the world again a culture/religion been willing to wholesale slaughter/sacrifice its very young in battle and those innocents of their enemies/opposition.  This is truly Evil in the Flesh.  All noble, civilized cultures that have made real progress in human evolution/enlightnment has always protected the young, the innocent and the weak by sending the best of it's young able-bodied men and women into battle.  Regardless of political systems, the noble, civilized nations of the world have entered into battle in the light of day, in uniform with flags flying.  Today, the world is seeing the renewal of a cult of assasins who follow  carasmatic leaders who believe that the ends justify the means in the name of their god and their religion.  This is not to say that all Muslims are bad, but that a great religion with three main sects twisted into something truly evil.  Of the thirty or so wars raging on this planet today two out of three involve Muslim against Muslim and Muslim against their neighbors.
         Palestine is only the excuse.  Remember what Napoleon,. a Corsican did to France, Hitler an Austrian did to Germany and Arafat an Egyptian is doing to the people of Palestine while stealing the billions given to help his people out of poverty.  Mr. Arafat has killed or had killed more of his "own" people than All of Israel combined to maintain his war-lord position.  It is the Old men sending the young and very young who are uneducated and/or brainwashed to die for the "cause".  Like Osama bin Ladden  who also  is the privilaged son of the super rich, trained as a civil engineer, whiose family made their fortune rebuilding/remodeling Mecca's holy sights is bent on the destruction of western/Christian and jewish culture at any costs.  The Jews blow up the houses of their enemies, because in a culture  where 4 wives is common and 12 kids in one family, sending one or two off to die for the "cause" is considered an honor and the reward from governments  like Iran and Syria and Saudia Arabia is enough money to build several new homes, which they do. Know that 1/3 of the citizens of Israel are Arab, and many of them Christian Arabs.  The goal of this wold movement is to see the Cresant Flag of Islam Fly over Washington, London and Moscow and all other places on Earth so that the only religion allowed is Islam and that the rule of law is Islamic Sharia Law.  Islam means "to Submit", Salam means "peace".  War is upon US all,  we either fight for human freedom, Submit like slaves and die like sheep. 
We must unite and strive for true human freedom based upon a god fearing system of government that allows for individual choice as to how individuals pray and worship the God of Creation based upon love, respect and basic human goodness, not a world of fear, of slavery of terror.  God bless the children and keep them safe from harm and from fear.  God Bless the Russian people and God bless the whole earth and may we all find justice, freedom in the light of the truth of That Creator.  God bless the fallen and their families.  May they know the Peace of God which passes all  human understanding and that all decent people weep with them.  May the followers of the Cresant moon find the truth in light of day under the sun and turn from this EVIL....
Frank John Holmqvist,  New Mexico USA

Beslan terrorist strike

I am so very sorry for what has happened in Breslan.
My heart and soul cries out from the depths to the brave military men and women, mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, babies, who were involved in and tried to prevent this horrific, senseless, brutal attack.
My feelings just cannot be put into words the absolute horror and anger I feel against the demons who would murder innocent men, women, children, babies.
Mother Russia needs to come to grips with the fact that they are not immune to these terror attacks and need to consult and come together with other nations who are fighting the global war on terror.
I am sickened, saddened but most of all hoping that President Putin and his government will go after the criminals responsible for this brutal outrage and bring them to justice.
Justice, what is that?  A trial?  No, I think not.  These people do not deserve to be treated humanely but deserve absolute annihilation. 
They need to be hunted down and each one done away with.  Russia cannot give the impression that they are fearful or weak. 
Mr. Putin, if you are determined that these innocents not have died in vain then it is up to you, Mr. Putin, to ask for help from other countries who are actively engaged in the war to fight global terrorism.
You have an obligation to do this because of what has been done to innocents in your country.
It is your DUTY.
Cindy Haase, Oklahoma, USA

The terrorist act in Beslan

Dear Vadim Gorshenin
I could not find an adress of the School 1 in Beslan or an organisation to whom I coud send these words to, therefore I send it to you. Please be kind - tell me the mailadres of the Beslan city or familynames.
"""Dear inhabitants in Beslan, Caucasus
I feel with all the children, parents and all families, who have lost their dearest member of their familie in the terrible terror action in the School 1 in Beslan. We have seen what have happened in our television and newspapers. Thousands Danes feel with and think of the victims. I will never accept that innocent people are taken as hostages. I condemned terror. I condemned the inhuman actions against children, woman and men in the School 1 in Beslan. I wish all the best to all victims, their families and the inhabitants in Beslan.
Yours sincerely
Hanne Burmшlle
Holstebro City

Beslan tragedy

Dear Russian People,
     It is with heavy hearts that we weep with you in your loss.  Americans like myself can feel your pain.  Try not to find fault with the way it was handled; there is always room for imrovement.  The terrorists killed those innocent children, no one else.  Don't forget how you feel today.  Don't forget the resolutions that you are making. 
     Today, only three years after our own tragedy, almost half of our population has forgotten our own pledge to "Never Forget".
     Together, terrorism cannot succeed.
John Stephens
Alvarado, Texas

Never again!

To Whom it may Concern,

    For too long the civilized world has played politics with the whole issue of terror.  Nations with the power and the will to stop such deeds (Beslan, 9-11, Madrid, etc.) must unite and defeat  the enemies of our civilized world.  Strong nations must seek, kill, and destroy every sinlge one of those murdering devils in the Middle East.  We must destroy those who will not let us live in peace, but would rather us die or convert to Islam.  How many more must die until we wake up!!!

Bryan Pasquale,
Pittsburgh, PA

Terrorist attack

I just want to express my deepest sympathy to the people of Beslan and the rest of your country.  Your shock and horror at this hateful, spiteful attack is no less painful than our loss of three thousand lives on Sept. 11, 2001.  My heart goes out to those families who lost innocent loved ones. 
It is almost unbearable to think of something this horrible happening to any of our (yours, mine, anybody's) children.....  Something only *cowards* and people afraid to even show their faces would even contemplate.   And they claim to commit these atrocities in the name of 'freedom' or  their religion!!  They are nothing but thugs, thieves, and murderers!!
May our governments, and the world, unite in a common effort to put an end to this "reign of terror" these people are trying so hard to force upon ALL of us.
I feel certain there were many prayers and candles burning in this country for all those who were lost in Beslan.....
My sincerest condolences to all....
Laurie Shrode
Bend, Oregon

Recent terrorist attacks

I just want to send my deepest sympathies to the family who lost loved ones in the planes crashes and at the school.  I hope the families who are suffering understand the majority of the world cannot express enough sympathy to relieve their losses.

Mary Markey

I grieve with you

To the People of Russia:

As you grieved for us after 9-11, so do I grieve for you after the recent terrible attacks against your Country.

You have always been a strong and courageous people.  I know that your strength and courage will carry you through these dark days and the dark days ahead which will require all people of good conscience to fight this terrible Evil.

There is no rational justification for what happened on 9-11 or what has happened over the past several years against the innocents of your country.  I hope you will not be distracted from the real issues as we have been by pointing fingers at your government.  Yes, our officials and yours could have done better, and yes, it’s much easier to grapple with them than confront the actual perpetrators who can be so elusive.

We have a saying here, “Keep your eye on the ball”.  That’s what I try to do.  I try to not get distracted by the pontificating ‘talking heads’ who accuse everyone but those who actually committed the crime.  Then they try to find excuses for the actual criminals.  I believe the only ‘excuse’ is that people chose to commit these evil actions because it gives them a sense of pleasure and power.  All the rest is just rhetoric.

You are not alone in your sadness.  I weep with you.  The world weeps with you. Stay focused. Be strong.  Have faith.

Jayne Reed
Kanab, Utah

Blessed be, children

It's a new line in the sand they have dared to cross.
On September 11, in whatever that year was the computers would only say...'America Under Attack.'
This September I think what I should have seen is...'Most Of The World is Really That Which Is Under Attack.'
Many billion dollars crashing down. People screaming as they jump.
Russian people crying for their children.
It's all the same. No I'm wrong, it's even worse. The specific target this time was children. It's a new line.
You are critizing your leader for not doing what most likely he could not have done.
Factor this in for Vladimir Putin. This could have happened virtually anywhere in the world. There is at present almost no way to stop it unless you move in with them. Almost every school in America included. All you need is a few total losers from some point in the world and they can easily overcome people trying to honestly become winners in life.
You are critizing your FSB for not being able to do everything imaginable.
Both Alpha and Delta can do a lot but neither can do everything.
What I think you need to look at is who took the school and then ask youselves..
Has there ever been a reason good enough for this?
I know of none.
It's a new line in the sand and by the time the first grades finally arrive-the people that orchestrated these things should know.
It was a very bad idea to have crossed that line.
Go for them Russia! Wherever the vultures perch.
Bob Falkner


Mr. Putin is exactly on the mark on his condemnation of Western journalists who suggest he should hold discussions with these terrorists. My heart goes out to Russian parents who have seen these terroist use children as pawns in their political maneuvers. Mr. Putin's angry response to these journalists is exactly what I would expect from my representatives over here in the U.S. and nothing less. I am a Westerner who often wonders what planet these folks are from.
George Riggin
Shawnee Kansas, USA

The children

What has just happened makes no sense to people of reason anywhere. 
This surely isn't "religious" behavior -- nor is it even human.  Do know that many Americans are on your side and just hope with all of our hearts that this madness will end some day soon.

Helen Holmes
Bayville, NJ, USA

Condolences to the people of Beslan

Please forward to the people of Beslan as I have no idea how reach them.

As a grandmother, I can only imagine your pain. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Lynn Malott, Beloit, Wisconsin, USA

Terrorist attack

We want to express to the Russian people the sorrow and disbelief we feel about the atrocity committed on innocent children by Islamic extremists. We cannot believe the extent of their depravity.
We in the U.S. also know the horror of our children and adults being senslessly killed in the Sept. 11 attack.
Our prayers are with the families of the victims, as well as the Russian government, as it responds to this injustice.
Don and Janice Hindman
Forest, VA


Whatever the Russian people want to do about the horrible crime I am with them.
Mary Ann Giuliano
Bronxville, NY

Dear Russia,
My family and I watched in horror as your children were stacked lifeless in a room, or buried with their grieving nation.  I really can not convey how much this has effected us.  There is now a kinship between our peoples as never before in my life time.  Please take this time to reach out to America.  Together we can defeat this scourge.  Don't let "Iraq", or any other "Euro-centric" opinions stop you from this obvious alliance.  The bear and the eagle will and can fight side by side once again to remove fascism from our planet. Our hearts are with you all. 
God bless Russia.
Ed Slook
The Woodlands, Texas

Beslan tragedy

Dear Russia,
I am an American who along with many other Americans  mourns along with Russia over the Beslan tragedy.  We send our love and sympathy. The terrorists have stooped to the lowest, most digusting, vile level. How can anyone in their right mind do such a horrible thing. The whole world needs to ban together to fight this evil. God Bless the Russian people , God strengthen you in your sorrow.


I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers, from the US, to the Russian people, who have suffered so terribly from the actions of terrorists.  I think you can relate now, to how we felt after 9/11.
Russia has my full support, to do whatever it takes to rid themselves of terrorism.  Since the hostage takers in Beslan wanted their terrorists brothers released, I think that you should grant them their wish.  You should drop them from an airplane, onto the homes of their families.  Give the Chechens their independence, and then wipe them off the face of the Earth.
Michael McGrath
McCalla, Alabama, USA

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