Fred Goepfert: Makings sense after Beslan RESPONSE

Your article "Making sense after Beslan" was very good and spoke a number of truths.
I think that there are two things going on:

1. Pursuit of Conquest - The extremists who direct these things don't really care about Chechen independence, Palestinian independence, Jihad based on the Koran, or ordinary Muslim peoples. They care only for regional conquest which will encompass about one-third of the planet, and then the rest of the planet.. They seek power and wealth and despotic rule.

2. Pursuit of Oil - The extermists pursue oil. The world still depends on it. Control of oil fuels greater wealth which fuels more armaments which fuels more conquests. If the terrorists were given all of the Caspian and Arabian oil, there would be no peace, only a new and higher level of aggression.

There can be no negotiations with these evil ones, for they operate on a basis of lies. They will lie to buy time to maneuver and re-arm. They will never honor any agreement, for honor is anathema to them.

They are the soldiers of Satan.

Fred Goepfert
Charlotte, NC USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova