Andre: Russians have to make serious decisions to maintain their country alive

You, Russians, have to make serious decisions if you want to mantain Russia country alive. Beginning with Scenario:To clarify that better we must understand that the struggle for power is taking place in the world: The Muslins have perceived an oportunity to gain power by attacking the territories of the former USSR.
They see you, Russia, as a weak nation, a nation not having the money to buy and deploy the conventional weapons of 4th plus and 5th generation necessary to defeat an assymetric warfare. This is just what the Chechens and terrorists are using against you (an assymetric warfare).The European nations want Russia to be as weak as possible, the European Union doesn’t want another power in Europe so they will aways support Chechen's struggle.

The forces of each Player and analysis:
Russia's Forces and Weaknesses
1 Force: Ground Artillery Power, 2 Force: Air Artillery (Aviation). 3 Force: Missile Power (Air to Surface, Surface to Surface, Air to Air). 4 Force: Air Remotely Pilotage Vehicles RPV (still weak and from 4th generation warfare) 5.Force: Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Submarines, Missile Nuclear Submarines (SSN submarines) ***
1 Weakness: population decreasing
2  Weakness: high rate of death of male population
3 Weakness: Poverty and lack of money to buy the weapons of 4th and 5th genetarion to deploy in the war against terrorism and chechens.
4 Weakness: Lack of capability to use the strategic weapons against the enemys of Russia ( the warrios and their financiers).
5 Weakness: There is no more a clear target to inflict unacceptable retaliation since Chechnya was retaken from the Muslins (you can not retaliate strongly enough your own territory).
6 Weakness: The Muslim community is mixed inside Russia so it is easy to launch assymetric warfare against Russia, the onslaught of Beslan school demonstrats that.
The moment of decision: Since you, Russia don’t have enough money to equip a modern army because all the money was used to develop and deploy the nuclear weapons and strategic weapons, you have no money to take advantage of the modern weapons avaiable to fight assymetric warfare.
That results in high loss of male people (soldiers) in the war, which increased the rate of Russias population decline (the war affects physically and psychologically the male population of Russia) which is a result also of the poverty affecting the majority of the of russia population.
The poverty can’t be entirely solved with a constant war. Remember that the Muslins societies have 5 or 6 childrem for each family so they can waste human lives, it is one of their advantages, their strength. Since Russia doesn’t have money to make a 5th generation war (like United States) against an assymetric warfare, and don’t have human lives to waste in the same warfare (like Muslims)
The time of decision to save Russia like it is today, has come.To save Russia from defeat: The Chechen to win their goals will need to conquer Dagesthan to have a maritime frontier instead of the mountains of Caucasus, so this is the point you can use againt the Chechens.
First, make the war like Israel has against the Palestinians, if there is not an enemy state to retaliate - create one, retreat the army to the borders of Chechnya and declare the Chechen government responsible for the acts of Chechen terrorists.
No, they will not achieve independence since they are surrounded by Russian territories. Second, since there is no money to buy modern weapons to effectively win the wars without losing people you have to use the weapon of unacceptable damage, (like the USA did against Japan (nuclear weapons and is doing against Afghanistan and Iraq),
If the Chechens attack Russia, you need to use massive artillery and (missiles) against their cities, if that don’t work, use nuclear weapons  (if you can not use a weapon so there is not a weapon and you have no power and will be defeated by others),  the Americans do that way, the Pakistanis do that way, the North Koreans do that way , and South Africa once in time do that way, you Russia must decide if you will sustain your power or not, and only the nuclear weapons can sustain your power today, but you must prove that ability).
Firstly the artillery and missile retaliation, if it fails, second  use the nuclear weapon (tactical nuclear weapon) in the frontier of chechnya with Georgia. The USA use it, they will use it again if they think it is necessary.
That first nuclear weapon against Chechnya will prove the muslin powers and the West Powers that you will sustain your power and country no mather what they think they can do.
You must not get wrong the Europeans (a part of them, of course) seeing Russia as threat on their power and will like to see you broke down. If the nuclear bomb on the chechen territory don’t ends the war, you must chose and Arab country enemy to tell them that you will attack if they do not stop making war against russia. That warning, of nuclear weapon could be sent to Catar Emirate or Saudi Arabia Emirat. It is the only choice if you russia want to keep been a powerful country.
Good luck to you, fellows.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova