Europe’s “moral imperialism”

I am reading about the ridiculous will of the European driven diplomacy to request from Russians an "urgent explanations" to the outcome of Beslan tragedy.
What I asked to myself is "what kind of right they presume to have in order to demand explanations"?

The real question is: even in a world without war, in a world of established of democracy, in a world without starving people, is imperialism possible?

I was tempted to reply "in such a world, it is impossible", then the European position about Russia made me change the idea. Another kind of imperialism is possible.
An imperialism with no weapons, with no economic power. A "moral" imperialism.

Let us take some nations and build them an image of human right defenders. Let us built them the image of the Kant's republic of peace. Let us create them an image of pure, angelic
total democracy-driven country. Let us create them an image of "the land of the true freedom, the land of true pacific collaboration between peoples".

Let them bring any positive moral attribute. What will be the result? The result will be they will acquire a terrific moral weight. This means, they will acquire moral authority.

They will be able to judge anyone in the world. They will be the
absolute court, being able to put on trial entire peoples, their leadership, anything.

In a democracy-based world, a negative sentence of that "moral court" can erode any politician, can expel any person or any group from  the civic  behavior. Condemnation from that moral court will became a real ostracism, in the ancient Greek sense of the term: people are literally expelled from the civic community, period.

What is the matter of that supposed "moral supremacy"? What is its purpose? The purpose is imperialism.

Being able to go in whatever place and say "this is right, this is wrong, you should do this, you shouldn't do that".

A new kind of imperialism, that uses the conscience of masses to erode leadership, and uses moral condemnation to manipulate the conscience.

I think it was very important that Russia refused any bound about that imperialism. I think that because, I hope, in future the world will be really a peaceful word , and I hope democracy will be raised everywhere. And I think if we accept that "moral supremacy" of some countries (Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway), then we will fall under a new
kind of imperialism. We will lose our freedom, even in a "human right" dressed way to lose them.

Perhaps I have in mind that the "moral supremacy" of the Middle Europe is a false under the historical point of view. All that countries were powerful and especially the later colonialists countries.

Belgium should explain to the whole world its role in the Lumumba affair. And I am not talking things happened 300 years ago, I am talking about the events occurred some decades ago. Holland should explain to us its role in that Luna-park that was the apartheid regime in South Africa. France left Algeria in the 60 decades. Germany...OK, don't shot fishes in a glass.

What are the historical reasons of that "moral supremacy" they claim to have? What is the right they created a court in their country that have authority everywhere in the world, claiming upper of the state authority of any other government?

I am glad that president Putin defined their position as "blaspheme".

Just an example: Italy had the strongest terrorism phenomena in the whole West Bank, during the 1970-80s decades. We beat them. We are the only nation in the West Bank that can claim to have really beaten an entire branch of terrorism.
In that period  that kind of Imperialism was started, and France gave asylum to some of the most ferocious terrorist. They said we were "violating their civil rights".

What was the result?
The result is now one ferocious terrorist they given asylum,  condemned in Italy for 4 cold-blood reasonless murders
is wanted by the French police, escaping and hiding in THEIR country, and they are shaming of that with us.

That is the result of "moral supremacy" they want to build. I disagree, this is not morality, this is a moral driven imperialism.

This is the reason I approve the position of the president Putin and of the whole Russia about that Europe driven diplomacy. I think we must destroy that moral imperialism while it is beginning, forbidding that countries to have any power out of their borders.

If we fail, we will be condemned to a perpetual trial, a trial with Middle-European judges who decide what is right and what is wrong to do in our own houses.

Ivan Nikola Guerra

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova