Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Carl D. Haggard: Lessons to be learned from Beslam tragedy: arms for teachers

Dear Sirs:
Following a number of attacks on children and teachers at U.S. schools,  I publically proposed training and arming select teachers and school administrators with concealed firearms ("Concealed Arms for Teachers" Program or "C.A.T.").  Volunteer teachers and administrators would, following screening, training and certification, be allowed to carry concealed weapons on their persons while at school and during school functions. 

    A swift armed response in the first moments of an armed attack by those within the zone of attack is the best way to keep a bad situation from turning into a tragedy.  My "C.A.T." Program would have given the Beslan teachers and school administrators a fighting chance in the crucial first few seconds of the terrorist attack.  "C.A.T."  is a Program that could be implemented rather quickly and with little cost.   It is a well-thought-out Program that could have prevented the Beslan scenario of  "attack, capture, siege, and massacre."

    If you believe that anyone in the government would be interested in the details of my "C.A.T." program,  please let me know.  I am interested in pursuing this quietly for a number of reasons. However, I would not know where to begin in contacting Russian officials.  Mr. Putin appears to have the type of tough mental attitude necessary to implement my "C.A.T." Program.

    If we do not have the courage to protect our children with all necessary and reasonable force,  then we have lost the
moral fiber to protect the next generation.           
Carl D. Haggard
Houston, Texas