Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

John Tobin: Terrorists

It would seem to me that if any "good" at all can be found in the horrific terrorist "attack" upon your citizens and these innocent children, it may be a profound realization of the community of interest now shared between the Russian and USA peoples.

Our cultures and freedom are under attack by an unspeakably barbaric cult that are capable of acts so void of human nature that they become incomprehensible. My wife, all of my neighbors and myself have been shocked and overcome with sorrow over this slaughter of innocent people, and especially the children.

There must be an effort by our Nations to join with other governments in an unrelenting effort to bring this conduct to an end and bring these cowardly killers, and their supporters to justice. If any government supports or aids such vermin, there should be a strong coalition to obliterate such a criminal leadership swiftly and completely.

Your people are too close to Iran and North Korea who would not only share more frightening weapons of mass destruction with terrorists, but indeed use such weapons against either of our countries. This horrible insanity must stop, and it appears eradication of perpetrators and supporters can be the only effective action.

May God grant your people all aid and accept the innocent victims in the hereafter

John Tobin
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA