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We stand united with Russia against common enemy - PRAVDA.Ru readers' letters on Beslan hostages

Brad Lanier: God, protect the school hostages
Dear Russian Citizens, 
I, along with countless Americans, mourn your loss from the senseless cowardly attacks on your airliners and metro station, and pray that the latest siege of a school will end without loss of life from any hostages or other innocent victims.  Our liberal press, particularly the Associated Press, legitimizes the group responsible by referring to them simply as "Chechen rebels", but the majority of Americans know them for what they are: extremist Islamic terrorists.  To call them by any other name is, in my opinion, giving them legitimacy and is a dishonor to those who have fallen (from all over the world) by their hands.
I have a deep respect for Russian citizens who were not dissuaded by those acts and who stood up to the terrorists at the ballot box, unlike some with weaker resolve from other countries.  That respect is shared by everyone that I have talked with.  With that respect comes not only our sympathy and mourning, but a shared anger and resolve to eradicate this evil from our planet.
I hope that our two countries can stand united and strong in solidarity against this common enemy.  It is time that we forge ahead together, rooting these cowards out no matter where they hide.  Together we can sound a strong united voice that will be heard and respected around the world.
May God bless you at your time of loss, protect the school hostages and those attempting to secure their freedom, strengthen all of our resolve against those who cowardly attack us, and guide us all as we take action against these terrorists.
With deepest respect,
Brad Lanier

Dan Smith: Terrorism

Please let it be known that I, as an American, am praying for the safety of the hostages taken at a school in Beslan. My prayers go out to those families who have loved ones suffering during this time of trouble and that soon you will be re-united with them. 

Our countries know to well the sting that terrorists have inflicted on us. These acts must be punished and stopped altogether. That is why many Americans felt disappointed, when your country didn't back us when we struck back at those commiting terrosts acts toward us. I do realize that our countries do not meet eye to eye on all things, and have had many differences over the years, but now is the time to work together as one people against a common enemy. We must stamp out the pain and suffering a few lunatics inflict on our people. They fight with an intense hatred against you and I for where we were born or who we worship (or don't worship.) We must fight them back with the same intensity as one with a common goal of ending their reign of terror. I will proudly stand beside you and help you in your time of need, I only ask that you are there for me when the time comes when I need a shoulder to lean on. May our countries ! do the same. God bless the hostages and comfort their families and friends!
Dan Smith
Detroit, MI, USA

Edy Wheeler: Sympathy note

To the Russian People - I am an American who has been watching the terrorists kill so many innocent Russians. I dont know what to say other than to send my condolences. There are many in the US praying for the children and just wanted you to know that we  care and support you....
Edy Wheeler

Edward Hartlage: Recent terrorist attacks on your country

The entire world should condemn the attacks by terrorists in your country.  They should also condemn terrorist attacks around the world.  The United Nations Security led by Russia and the United States should unite to pressure the countries of the world to reject terrorism as a viable method of war.  Any nation supporting groups which use terrorism should be held accountable by the United Nations and appropriate sanctions should be applied.  While I understand that much of what is happening in your region is considered to be internal matters, the methods that are being used are the methods that are being used all over the world.  Until the major world powers use their influence to force this to an end, it is only going to be worse.  May the hostage situation in the school be settled without any further deaths or injuries.
Edward Hartlage
Sunset Beach, N. C.

Lorin Hart: School situation

I am just heartsick at the school hostage situation and I am praying for all your children. Whatever cause the terrorists have can not possibly, ever, be honored or realized by such base and cruel methods. As another comment brought out, where is the outrage in the world media at the insurgents willingness to murder their own people and innocent children
as well?  Why are the Arab Islamic people allowing themselves to be represented this way to the whole world?
I love Western civilization, for all it's faults, it is brilliant. I
also love the great cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean. I dearly wish the grief and rage in everyone could be soothed, but I fear this is in fact, a spiritual battle . God help us all.
In friendship,

Lorin Hart

Jimmy: Stop the terrorists immediately

I urge your government or at least someone to read a copy of the Koran.
IF you were to dip bullets into the blood of a hog (swine) in full sight with the slaughter of same for all inside of the school to see - at the same time jamming all cell phones - you would have an immediate surrender.
Why?  To die in such a fashion, according to Islam, would cause that person to immediately go to hell forever, according to their religion.  They would not have the opportunity to "cleanse" themselves by purification with dirt.
This would cause a world uproar but would cause Islam to fear your Nation like none before.
This HAS been done before.
High Point, NC, USA

Elio O. Caceres: Russia and USA should come together to defeat the enemy

Dear Russian people,

American people offer our most sincere condolences to Russian people due to the tragic terrorist attacks that you are facing these days.
We should remember that our two nations fought shoulder to shoulder against the fascism during the world war II and defeated them.  We proved that when
the citizens of Russia and the citizens of United States of America join their forces we become a very powerful alliance capable of destroying any enemy.
This time, there is no doubt that our two nations are facing a common enemy again. This enemy has no respect for human life, this enemy has only one purpose and is the purpose of killing innocent people to gain world recognition, this enemy runs and hides all the time.  We all believe that is not going to be easy to defeat this enemy.  It will require time, strong determination and a great cooperation between our two nations in sharing of intelligence and military power to bring them to an end.
It is extremely important to recognize that no country alone will ever be able to defeat this enemy. This enemy have no borders, no flag, no a single nationality or ethnicity, the only thing this enemy has in common is a wish for terror.  To win the war against this enemy once again will be required a strong, sincere and permanent alliance between Russia and USA.
Now,  it is time for both countries and leaders from both sides to wake up and put our differences apart and come together on this great endeavor so we can guarantee a more secure and peaceful future to the citizens of Russia
and USA.
Elio O. Caceres
Davis, California, USA

John Surgeon: Terrorism

The 'war against terror' is a war of Idealism, it is not the vindication of the State against the uprising, against those who propose to be the new State. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Theocracy, a real Theocracy is based on the finest, noblest aspirations of even the most common folk. The new wave of evil does not justify the old, whether in the guise of this political vehemence or that. It is a question of being able to withstand violence without resorting to violence. We excuse every retribution on our own accounts and condemn those contrary.
The solution ? To hold fast across all false borders. To think otherwise is the death of Good itself. I know, it's easier said than done. But when everything is lost, what is left ?

John Surgeon

Stephanie E.: You are in our thoughts in prayers

Greetings from the United States!   I heard of the school children hostage crisis and went online to get a story from a Russian news agency. I supposed your news story might be more accurate and up to date than the United States Media.
All day long while at work many of my co-workers thought of the captive children in your country and prayed for them and their families.  We deeply are concerned for your plight.
As you know America has suffered loss at the hands of terrorists and we share your feelings in your time of trial.  I hope your leaders take a tough stand against terrorists.  I have read much about your history and culture.  I am a conservative Republican and I respect the people, history and culture of Russia. I would love to see Russia not join the EU but take control away from OPEC and the EU and profit from your oil

I truly wish you well and hope that some day you will find the success America has found.  The people of Russia have a history to be proud of. 

Please, take care.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

A single Mom of two school aged children.

Stephanie E.

Roger Knipp: School in Beslan

I never write emails like this, but...
We are praying for the safe return of your children.  I can't even begin to imagine the fear and desperation that these animals (yes, ANIMALS) are causing your people.  These cowards, that are using your children to their own ends, are the lowest form of life on our planet and need to be treated as such!

Roger Knipp

Lauren – New York City, USA: War on terrorists

My daughter had her first day of school today.  When I heard about the hostages in one of your schools, my heart just broke for what those children are facing, and will continue to face, at the hands of terrorists.  I’d like to share with you the words my daughter spoke when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday in September, 2001.  She said, “Mommy, those people who did this to the towers, I want us to hunt them down, and destroy them.  That’s what I want”.  She was six years old at the time, and we had just recently come back from a trip to the city where we had lunch at the World Trade Center and looked out the window and admired Lady Liberty.  You have your own war on terror to fight, just was we do.  I hope we can hunt them all down and destroy them.

Lauren – New York City, USA

Jack Iorg: Terrorism

I have a very hard time reading the news these days.
At 46 yrs old you would think nothing would bother me much.
I recently became engaged to a Very Beautiful Woman from Russia.

I have always had a great interest in Russia and it's people.
A long and rich history and culture. A very fine people.
Now that Russia has been physically attacked, several times to date, maybe an agreement can be made on terrorism. A dispicable and careless act of lawness. It is time for the world to stand up and put a stop to it. I'm not talking about nations talking out of the side of their mouths politically, but to Honestly make an effort to eliminate it.

Not a political tool, an honest effort to make the world a better place.
My Heart goes out to those people who have lost their Loved Ones! I wish all of them well. I feel very deeply for them. My kindest wishes to them.
I know what it is to lose close family and friends.
I don't always agree with your President, and I don't always like his decisions.

He is the President and he deserves the backing of everyone there. I like to think that he will hunt down and exterminate each and everyone of the terrorist in your country. Treat them as the vermin they are.
Jack Iorg

SNJ: Terrorism and innocent people

The attacks of terrorism world wide, calls for solidarity of nations against those who murder. Our hearts grieve with you and I stand with you against this evil.  I hope that all nations will be united in their efforts to defeat these people that use fear, destruction and murder as political tools.  This is what hatred and lies lead to.  Political policy is not the cause of terrorism.  It is a crime whether it is in the U.S., Israel, or Russia.  It is not the crime to try to deal with it, prevent it, or punish
it.  Let us stand together against murderers, and work together for peace.

May God give you help and salvation in this crisis with your dear, innocent children, and turn people deluded by religion to reason and faith in the goodness and love of God for all people.

George Person: Russian school children hostage crisis - true colors

Nothing reflects the true colors best than an adversary who threatens to kill innocent children to achieve their political objectives.....
Targeting the frailest and most vulnerable member of society, the child, is showing the despicable depths of the foe Russia is up against.....
Hopefully, a strategy will break through allowing Russian special forces to get a clear shot at these instruments of hell...and bring all the children home safely to their anguishing parents...
The true colors of your enemies are coming thru, and do what you've got to do...they aren't rebels, they are abomination, which needs to be put down hard by the hand of the righteous...let there be no mercy for those who hurt children, for their cause is from hell, and they must fall like lighting from our presence...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

This is my tragedy as well

This is my tragedy as well. Forget I am married to a ukrainian girl (with russian origin) and that I have their family here & there. Forget I have, the, a different point of view on your country than the standard occidentalised (and Americanised) Europe...

Forget all that. Forget it, because, as kind-hearted person I only can suffer with you, cry with you, and pray with you because of Beslan.
Moreover, I tell you, from today onwards, from my little and tiny position in this world, I will fight against all this kind of extremism with all my strength and resources... I will teach my daughter, today she is 7 months old, to live and love respect, moderation... and fight against injustice, oppression and imposition of violence...
Best regards,
Ignacio Sanchez
Dьsseldorf, Germany

Zena Kelso: Beslan hostage crisis

My heart goes out to those terrified children and to those suffering parents and relatives of people now in the vice grip of vicious terrorists. 
For too long the free, democratic world took the path that is not in line with the goal to fight terror, globally.  When Israel killed Hamas leader Yassin, the EU, the UN, Jack Straw all condemned the action of Israel to defend itself and its people.   Now Kofi Annan and the EU can go talk to the terrorists about international law.  They should be outside the place right now.  And where is the chorus of appeals from the Arab nations?  Anyone from any muslim country out there condemning other than making polite platitudes?
Jihad terrorism is not going to relent.  Spain buckled down to terrorism after the Madrid bombing.   By withdrawing troops from Iraq Spain has surrendered instantly to the terrorist demands, demonstrating that terrorism works, will win, and there is no need to negotiate.  For the first time since the 1930's terrorist have immediately achieved its main political objective.  From now on, Islamic terrorists need not debate whether terrorism will work.  That's the reality.  Stark, cold reality.
A simple arithmetic shows that they are willing to die.  The cost of dying is cheap.  It cost them 19 lives and around a million dollars to bomb the World Trade Center.   It cost the US more than 3000 lives and billions of dollars in loss and reconstructions.   Same with the Madrid bombing.  20,000 for the terrorists and hundreds of millions for Spain.  How long before countries are bled dry and have dwindling resources?    A country like India has been bled for the past 50 years (Kashmir) because of islamic terrorism.    That has hampered its people, its economy, with no help from the politically syphilitic UN .
The only argument will now  be how many people are going to be killed, how many countries in the West will buckle to the terrorists, how speedy the process of islamisation akin to bubonic plague spread by vermin in an epidemic.
Are we going to stand by and argue that not all muslims are like that. 
Or are we going to fight the ideology behind islam and eliminate and eradicate it from the face of this earth.   For starters, those countries that have mosques can immediately pass a law compelling muslims to say their sermons in the language of that country.  Expose Islam.  Debate on it.   The truth will very quickly emerge.   
Zena Kelso

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