Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Allen N Wollscheidt: Terrorism

While our Secretary Rumsfeld is a certainly a buffoon on many matters, he hit the nail when he said, "There is no defense against terrorism".
To complete his thought, the only resolution to terrorism is massive, devastating, indiscriminate retaliation against the entire Arab/Muslim world.  That world needs to be set back about fifty to one-hundred years or so -- unless it changes its irresponsible ways.

My point is that it is not OUR job to curb terrorism -- it is the responsibility of the entire Arab/Muslim world -- a world which must become sufficiently and personally motivated to do the job themselves and NOW !

From a slightly different direction (also, maybe slightly against your interests), I suggest the institution of a massive and mandatory mobilization of our entire economy and workforce in this country to end our dependence upon imported petroleum by, say, 2010 at the latest.  Such methods worked 65 years ago against Hitler and Tojo - and while I do not frequently advise looking to one's rear to see the future - I think that it could work again. 

In fact, the US, Russia and others could cooperate on this, excepting, of course, France.

Let the Arab/Muslims again eat sand.

Allen N Wollscheidt,
Payson, AZ

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