Religion grows extremely powerful

Just finished reading PRAVDA.Ru...and has it changed from the old PRAVDA. I wanted to comment on the article about South Carolina wanting to secede from the union and their reasons for doing so.

Never has the religious right had this much focus and potential power to swing the country state by state to their way of thinking and living. And South Carolina leaving is just the start.

The really scary part to all of this is the organization that wants to achieve this...Christian Exodus. If you want chills to run down your back just go to their web site and see what they have planned for the next few years.

Be very glad you live live Russia or the CIS...I myself live in Canada and I am not looking forward to what is coming. As the United Sates goes so do we...sad to say.

Looks like I might have to dust off my Bible and brush up on a few things. Thanks for the time and space to share some the way I like the new PRAVDA.Ru much better.


Fred Thursfield

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova