Zena Kelso: Advice to Russian military how to defeat Islamic terrorists

Dear Editors,
The following might be of help to the Russian Armed Forces, namely the military who are fighting against Islamic terrorism.  
In the Philippines annals of the 1911 local hisotry, during the US occupation of  the Philippines in 1911, the colonel in charge of the small, but remote island of Palawan, was having a terrible time with islamic jihadists who outgunned and outmanned the US battalion.   But the US colonel  realised that knowing the enemy, their religious weaknesses would entail that half the battle would be won. 
He discovered the muslims fear of DOGS SALIVA  and PIGS.  So he ordered his men to round up as many dogs as they could and walked the dogs through the houses of the muslims who were harbouring the terrorists.  These searches terrified the local muslims and the muslim leaders  immediately cooperated with the Americans, voluntarily handed over the terrorists they harboured, and  voluntarily hunted for other Islamic terrorists (dead or alive).  The insurrection was successfully quelled.  
General John L. Hansen Jr. who was in charge of the larger southern Philippine island of Mindanao was amused by the Palawan episode.  Mindanao was overwhelmed with Islamic Jihad too, creating destruction, murder, rape, looting, bombings, kidnappings, beheading , etc.  The General was losing too many men with no sign of improvement.  So when they captured 8 Islamic terrorists, 7 of them were to be executed and the 8th sentenced to 19 years imprisonment.  
General Hansen  had the 7 Islamic terrorists dig their own graves.  The 8th was handcuffed and made to watch the execution process.  Then the 7 terrorists were tied to  posts but without blindfold .  Then the American soldiers slaughtered a live Pig in front of them.  The Pig was cut into 7 portions and placed in each grave.  On witnessing this the 7 terrorists became terrified , shouting and screaming to their allah to save them.  Their clothes and body were smeared with the pig's blood and fat.  Then they were shot and their bodies were placed in each grave together with the chunk of pig.  The 8th prisoner was ordered to fill up the graves and was set free.  This 8th prisoner fled for his life and news of the American system of execution spread like wildfire.  The Islamic Jihad vanished almost instantaneously. 
Every Filipino knows this history.
Perhaps the Russian military should take this cue.  Appeasing will not work, never has, and never will.   Winning muslims hearts and minds will only be successful if all non muslims succumb to that evil cult.  All non muslims will then labor for the indolent, nihilistic, ignorant, parasites. Is this what you want, Russians?
With kind regards,
Zena Kelso

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova