Thomas Mitchell: Letter in response to the fatal plane crashes

As an avid reader of Pravda and one who appreciates its viewpoints, I don’t believe I could level any serious criticism against its journalistic integrity and willingness to entertain all views, especially on the TU-134 and TU-154 aircraft that crashed late Tuesday night. As an American, I can not help but identify with the horror and suspicions that arise from near simultaneous tragedies of this kind. And as a fellow human being I can not help but express my deepest sympathy for the many lives lost and the countless friends and family who will surely be affected. Though the investigation will before long shed light on the culpable, who may or may not deny responsibility, I wish to state my opinion here that no cause, just or unjust, can excuse the murder of innocent civilians. Of course, I am writing this on the assumption that fatal coincidences such as these are no mere accident, but should the FSB connect the events through Chechen separatists, I would call on the Russian people not to be swayed during the upcoming regional elections. Such a response, should this group be involved, would only encourage more acts of violence towards Russia’s civilian population. And no one deserves to live in fear because of their beliefs. Please accept my humble wish for a more peaceful future in Russia and the entire world. 

Thomas Mitchell

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova