Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

H.B. Carlisle: John Kerry is a Vietnam veteran also RESPONSE

This is in response to the article claiming that "John Kerry is a Vietnam Veteran Also" .  The article states that John Kerry has defined his campaign in terms of his Vietnam service.  That is his problem, exactly.  He spent four months in Vietnam and is
claiming to be a leader based on those four short months.  He should have expected others to say that his claim of four months of heroism is false.  He should have known he would have political enemies to try to refute his claims.

I am sure that his enemies are partly driven by his anti-war statements he made when he returned to the USA.  There are film records of his anti-war activities.

He should have known better as a Naval officer.
As to his medals, I was in the war too and I know that the military is often too generous with decorations.  Our colonel bumped his head when his jeep braked suddenly, and he got the Purple Heart.  I was awarded a minor decoration I felt I had not earned (but I wore it anyway).  Such generosity cheapens the decorations. Eisenhower, our 34th president, did not have to point to two little medals and four months of combat.
As to his four months in Vietnam, I know from my experience that he spent about two weeks processing in and one week processing out.  So he was probably in combat maybe three months out of four.
I shall not vote for Kerry.  Nor shall I vote for George W. Bush, who bumblingly stumbled into the Iraqi swamp, killing thousands, and alienating millions of world citizens.
H.B. Carlisle