Catine E. Perkins: Neat packages, George Person!

The Presidential Predictions, along with the Republican Responce is, indeed, a neat package. The "sports bleachers for and against" mentality, which has merit... to be sure.
The view somehow lacks the broad brush painting, I do believe, even though, much validity.

Now! These Yuppies...these supposed Democrats that brought out unisex into to the open....bare as a new born baby....then it was "make love not war" right?

First name only, which still is deeply past...the sins of our father's washed awy...we are in pure form to make our own. The ethnology and religion mark upon one was washed away. We are doing our drugs thus an attempt to feel....yes, feel something...No present...and when I read the "Kremlin Wives" (except for Raisa Gorbachev) this was a true rise... from the bottom of generations of half-starved humanity...TO GET EVEN. HUMM! Any analogies?

Somehow there are links in this area also!

So now! Is this under the heading of the Democratic Party only?

I think not! This is where George Person and I part ways.

There is a sameness in the "political hack and lackies" in both political parties.

The switching forth and back is not unusual, whichever party gives the best deal, also during the tensions of JFK's kinfolks and LBJ's political outlook brought about an exaggeration of helping the womenfolk and the Blacks to excel.

They did! The result of this balance or inbalance thus depending, of which, cultural and gender pattern one fit into, brought about a depressive situation to the White Male....who occupied power in both political parties.

But then. we must give credit to where credit is due! Rush Limbaugh, with the backing of Mellon-Schafie's millions brought back these lost White Males into the fold but, as Republicans not Democrats.

From my underground observatory, I find their mores are more hidden as Republicans, but nevertheless STILL THERE.

Now! Who is screaming "LIBERALS' on top of their voices? Guess?

So it is all in the political game and forget polls that is busy work to keep some empolyed, I do believe.

It is said 60% of the people do NOT vote, Why?  They are the hard working ones, who are the back bone of our nation! They live on the edge of the political life but when election rolls around, they are coveted and highly esteemed by the political
hacks and lackies. Personas are set up for them and the poor souls, having lived in isolation, some fall into the political trap and rejoice. WE ARE PART OF A COMMINITY!

Little group parties are arranged for them to "come out" and be part of the community with little socials, given here and there. It is all arranged, mind you, by the pecking Russia...the top never mingle with the bottom. Never!

Ah! Yes, the banks control the politicians and keep the one's who do not play the game at bay. You get what you pay for! Right? Nomenklatura in USA? Oh Boy!

But then, a key paragraph came to me, when reading Krupskiya's bout with Stalin after Lenin died. She was the wife of Lenin... (for Americans reading this.)

Krupskiya was devoted to education in the Soviet rhealm and apparently, the people loved her...thus her power was extraordinary. Stalin did not like this situation, so finally he put out word to HIS political cells,...sanction her, follow her about...spread rumors about her...set up a negative persona...

Well, this was not on her birthday...Krupskiya invited Stalin...he did not come but sent a day...she was dead as a door nail.

I ask you reader' this just Communist or just Russian or what?

I believe it is simply politics!
To tell you the truth, I am finally realizing that this Pravda could be a great communication tool for the Russian and American People. Naturally, I am looking behind the looking
glass. in this area, since my studies of our local newspaper, in past few decades had been an awakening....of which, I use to call it the "YA'LL Pravda" here comes a new version of is this  encompassing the American Writers, of which, our newspapers would give us a broom and say...sweep!

No offense, George Person....but I sense you live in a bubble, which many do.

Give me the village rose colored glasses...cultures and religions...bumping against each other...the officialdom  playing into the nomenklatura and if you don't play the game? Well? What do you think?

So Pushkin, Pasternak, along with many others, live here in my space. Everything changes and nothing changes, except the descriptive adjectives.

So I chose my clothes by color but my friends by character...and this is rightfully so.

Peace be with us all. Our blood soaked earth is saturated, is it not?

What does this mean? Anyone out there care to comment?

Yet, I respect George Person's concepts....they are his own.

Culture, genetic memory, hereditay religions and enviroment shape us all. We must keep this in mind and foremost!
Thank you.

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Tx.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova