Charles Fargo : America's arrogance

Not all that long ago, during the Clinton presidency,  there was genocide massacre in Rwanda.  Over a half million people lost their lives.  The entire world was shocked as this horrific incident took place.   The United Nations did nothing but keep count of the deaths.  The United States, in its arrogence, said that Rwanda had nothing to give or offer to the US.   We will sit back and do nothing.

Yet in one of my recent articles,  I neglected to mention  some events
that were perpitrated against the Native American Indians.

Currently, if one is bold enough to look really well at the land that is
designated as reservations that American born Indians live on - the land is
all but useless, hardly able to produce on an agricultural level.  The
reservations were doled out during the 19th century.

Again, before the American Revolution even began, native born American
Indians were here long before the white arrogant Europeans.  Yet as the
colonists  progressed into the North American contenent, they used any way possible to take over the Indians lands.  The more peaceful way was to marry the trible unmarried squaws.  The women usually owned the lands on the Indian customs.

Yet if the Indians did not give up the lands as easily as the white settlers
wanted, the native American Indians were killed off by the settlers.

In time the Indians did start to retaliate  to the settlers, to their arrogant and violent ways in the whites taking what they wanted and when they wanted.  Thus the White settlers and early American white citizens labeled the Indians  uneducated savages.

Yes, the Iriqouis were rather violent in helping the English during the American Revolution, for very good reasons.

Writing my articles, I use my right for freedom of speech as an American. I do not attempt to infringe upon anothers free speech.  To place truth as I
know it as events have happened during American or World history.  In good taste and in good fath I atempt to follow the simple rules of writing and
editorial.  Yet I have chosen to write on forms of in-justices during points
in history.

In the past few weeks I could point out the example of bold arrogance in using small bits of information I did not use in my articles, put down by another writer to counter or discredit information I have used, or articles I have written.   To include using the term  of a cockroach crawling out of the wood work. Pointed in my direction in his disagrement of my form of writting. Or the material I have placed in my articles May I point out the person involved is in which displaying the methods used by the overbearing servants of this country,  in their ways to push disinformation or propaganda. In lying to the American peoples.

May I include, as I write my articles, I will not allow this party to set
the presidence in what I write in the future.  Nor will I allow any of my
articles be used in a form of debate as this party desires.  May I include
It is of my strongest opinion this party may be working for the arrogant
American Government  as some do not like the truth as it is written.

Charles  Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova