Andy D: USA to collapse

Dear Editor:
I strongly urge Russians to exhange dollars for gold and silver or some hard currency like the Swiss franc and quickly. As I've stated previously the US economy is a giant house of cards ready to topple over at the slightest breeze. The professionaly written article posted here will convince you that that is so:
Unbeknownst to the vast majority of humanity, US banks must by law settle their interbank transaction accounts on a daily basis. They have been doing just that but the checks they have written are bouncing for a lack of sufficient funds to cover their shortfalls.  In 2003 our good friend and financial wizard Alan Greenspan created out of thin air over a trillion dollars in liquidity to cover these banking discrepancies. Guess what? The same thing is happening this year. This is a sign the banking system is unravelling and quickly.
I give the US gov't until the end of the elections before they start pulling troops out of Iraq for lack of funds to continue the assault on the Iraqi people.  The Iraqi people  have suffered so much from American and British nuclear (depleted uranium) and terror attacks. Their gambit to steal Iraqi oil and water will fail.
Andy D.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova