Michael Berglin: Russia and America, the quiet detente - RESPONSE to reader

Mr. Ratz,
Thank you for your letter, but you might want write your comments when you are a little less angry. 
One must also consider a few things before launching a complaint or critical review. 1.) Is the ariticle part of series or is it a stand alone article.  If it is part of a seriies, perhaps more in-depth information is still forth coming.  2.)  What is the author's background.  Does he/she have information that I do not.  Is there something in the author's experiences that might qualify them to write from the perspective they do? 3.) Is there a larger picture that the author sees that I do not? 
If you can answer all three questions with absolute certainty, then a response might be warranted.
For example, I know nothing about economics - does that mean I am entitled to write critical reviews on Allen Greenspan's policies?  Should I use words such as 'bullshit' and verbally slap him as if my limited scope was the absolute solution?  I can think he is full of crap, but I don't have the full understanding to say that publically.  Or I might sit back and read and try to understand that I do not see the larger
I am not saying your comments are not welcome - comments help journalists fine tune their writing skills.  I am suggesting to read with understanding, or trying to understand the larger picture, and not atomize a subject. 
Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova