Ilyas Akhmadov and his US Political Asylum

I was appalled when I read that Ilyas Akhmadov had been political asylum in the US. 
What would the out cry be in the US if Bin Ladan had been political asylum in some country and could escape justice?  The US would be in front of a world court demanding an explanation, and demanding an order for extradition. If the US did not get what it wanted, it would start a move to place sanctions on the country. 

Let us be very clear, Chechnya is not a US concern.  It is not our place to judge, condemn, or moralize upon. 

In 1860, eleven southern states in the US seceded from the union, and the North s response was quick it was war.  A four year bloody battle to bring the eleven states back into the union.  And now, the US is meddling in the affairs of another country when one of their republics breaks away? 

IN the 1960 s US citizens were flying to Cuba and requesting asylum. Most of the people were wanted in the US on various legal charges. The US put such pressure on Castro, he had only one alternative left and that was to return the revolutionaries back over to US officials. 

What are the grounds for the political asylum?  Certainly it cannot be because he will face the death sentence in Russia, when Texas is the lethal injection capitol of the United States. 

Ilyas Akhmadov, is a Russian criminal in a Russian affair.   How much clearer can that be stated? 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova