Arthur Martin: Mesopotamia


It seems that PRAVDA.Ru has such a fantastic tale to tell the world ! when you read Zecharia Sitchins books and the account of the PRAVDA.Ru article below. It seems that the head of the soviet space agency said that the Russian Mars probe disappeared after a ray of light was seen coming towards it on its approach to Mars and that some sort of ancient star wars set up had been discovered in Siberia [ ref. Sitchin ], and your report of the Kiev artefact; if these things are true [ doesn't Pravda mean Truth ] and Sitchins translations of the Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets are correct should the world not know of it NOW . Are events in Iraq not just the most recent of the obsession the world seems to have for that part of the earth [ Mesopotamia ] and the strange disappearance at the start of that war of historical artefacts including 60,000 clay tablets from Museums around Iraq [60,000 clay tablets do not just walk away, we are talking of truck loads here ] !

Arthur  Martin, Cambridge, New Zealand

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova