Catine E. Perkins: IMF - Intrusion, Meddling, Fraud RESPONSE

Well! Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey made a "scratch" in an effort, of a cancerous exposure but yet, viewing this through literary lens, there is more to this "humanities debauchery" of putting humans and nations in a vice, with a perpetual squeeze.
Most obvious and blatent but scarcely any facts ( facts do not stand alone thus more importantly are the conditions that preceded the facts) is when Pres. Yelsin was the annointed one with these money people.  Was not Russia's middle class wiped out of their savings account? In the the big picture, this would be minor in an impressionistic imagery, simply because,  there was a cluster of people IN RUSSIA, that bought this insidious game against their people.  And from my observances, it included their Christians, so let us lay the Jewish factor aside.

This distablization was never or could never be sorted out, for whatever reason, since legality also plays a game in this. Is it not a Russian saying that " a clever person never goes to court and a fool never get's out of court!" HUMMMM!

But having said that, this money game extends world wide, not only having it's headquarters in the USA, is the point I am trying to feebly make.

You see, there is Switzerland, that is a safe haven for the clever, right?

Then there is the Paris Club, probably, for Anglo-Saxons, then the Bohiem Club in San Francisco Area, as a cluster of moneyed, AND THEN, THE IMF'S of assorted variety playing this moneyed chess game! IMF now is blatently "upfront" now for obvious reasons., so they stick out like a sore thumb.

Do we only blame the Rothchild's, Rockefeller's (who I understand have estates close to each other in beautiful, New Hampshire) or America's old robber barons? The list is endless, may I add?

And then, we can go to Spain, South America and Mexico and try to sort out the Opius Dei wealth of power in the Roman Catholic realm. This is a mere tad of the churning of monies in this frail universe of ours.

Well, the China Rim only churns in a subliminal sense, when it comes to monies, for they are too wise to be blatent in this materialistic level.
Remember also, that Czar Nicholas ll was the riches man in the world and the recent story of his "Bones" makes one wonder about this vast separation from nature, in this riddle of abnormal wealth.

Also in the light of this, we need only to think of the Russian Revolution for equality succeeded in truth, to sanction the substitution, of one form of inequality for another. Is this not the political game?

Remember also, it was the German farmer that finally got to smoke that coveted American cigarette, as it funneled down in the barter system, after W.W. II. This is still an avid, stark reality of man.

Then it seems that the "winner" if there is such a thing, would be the one that has the natural resources, right? But having the natural resources and keeping them from the vulchers is another level.

Being aware of the powerful IMF and such, are necessary but then, even on village level, bankers control the politicians, so what else is new?

Right now, the USA is in the forefront, this is true... but the game encompasses a vast amount of paper money floating around to be manipulated by many, including Russia. But then, Russia and others are not blameless either.

Is there such a situation, as a collective moral compass in humanity? Does it or can it go askew all at once or is there something in mother nature or human nature that put's it back  on track from time to time?

These are thoughts that ran around in my head as I read the article.

Thank your.

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Texas

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva