George Draft Dodger Bush?

Pentagon lies unveiled. Did George W. Bush avoid service in Vietnam?

The discovery of documents that the Pentagon had declared to be destroyed (does Rumsfeld have any credibility at all these days?) sheds new light on the suspicion that while John Kerry was risking life and limb to fight for his country in Vietnam, getting decorated as a war hero in the process, George W. Bush was cowering in the safe, cosy haven of Alabama.

The year 1972, the mighty USA was locked in a mortal struggle with the poorly-equipped and barely-fed Vietcong, defending their country against American imperialism with their blood. George W. Bush was a 26-year-old qualified pilot, much needed by his country's "military troops" (as he calls them) to defend them from an increasingly dangerous situation on the ground.

Yet while other pilots from less well connected families across the United States were flying missions round the clock to ferry the wounded to hospital and make strikes against clusters of enemy troops, George W. Bush was spirited off to Alabama, where he was assigned to the National Guard.

Claims that he failed to show up for guard duty cannot be confirmed by the payroll records, found in Denver earlier this month, because attendance records are kept separately. However, Kerry's camp accuses Bush of failing to turn up for duty during the summer of 1972.

Should this be the case, and given that Bush did not travel to Vietnam, it would appear that someone, somewhere, was pulling strings to get the rich kid a soft option while his countrymen from other backgrounds, outside the circle of the elite which gravitates around Washington DC, gave up their hearts and lives and futures to fight for their country, however wrong the Vietnam War was.

Curiously, 28 years later, George Bush the Alabama National Guardsman (?) was to be elected (?) President of his country by a minority of his population only to take his armed forces into the nightmare called Iraq.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva