Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

VNB: Negotiations to dispatch Russian peacekeepers in Iraq RESPONSE

I think it would be good psychology for you to go to the Sunni Triangle. That's where you're people are aren't they? Or are they? What you will find out is they were never your friends. It was merely your port they pulled in to 'ride out the storm' as many have done ours.
While your generals are free to comtemplate maybe your president has access to more current information. The people in the Mideast who would support Chechen radicals are already doing so as much as they and they will continue to do so as much as they can whether you go to Iraq or not.
The only thing I think you could change in the near much they can.
Apartment buildings, the Moscow theater, a hospital, a rock concert, and who knows what's next for us or you?
Much fear on PRAVDA.Ru a year ago about the loss of the oil business and right hear within your article it is obvious-you can keep your business...what has not already been given back to you. But you have to do something now that might go against the grain.
I think Russia is trying to fight a logical fight against an illogical enemy.
I think America is to a degree fighting illogically against the same enemy. I don't know which is best in the long run.
But in the short run you never let your enemy make you behave exactly like he wants you to. The more you keep him busy trying to react to what you do the less time he has to plan. Sure he will get through some but you are continually chipping away at the base of his foundation and sooner or later his walls will come crumbling down. You keep chipping harder and harder and incessantly and if you have to just throw out all the rules. Make those walls fall down.
All the studies say Iraq was not into extremism but just look who a whole lot of them have welcomed right into their doors. Almost like they already knew them isn't it?
Via the internet I've seen the Russian soldier gurgle as he left this world and now seen an American have his head sawed off on his way out. I have noticed precisely what type of person did it to them.
I know precisely who 'our' enemy is. I know precisely who the worlds ultimate enemy is sooner or later. Radical Muslims.
The world doe not need them.