George Person: Bin Laden, 9/11 and President Bush RESPONSE

It was the Clinton Administration who dropped the ball - they had the responsibility to act after the first trade center bombing...but the problem was just how much imagination did you want to put into public policy based on rumors from the terrorist grapevine?!
Were we ready to place skymarshalls on every flight in the continental USA and risk looking like chickens running around without their heads on trying to thwart the terrorist shadows threatening our freedoms and way of life based on intelligence operations and not the actual actions of terrorists?!
In reality, 9-11 is a morbid blessing in disguise...this country had no terrorist did not have a department of homeland defense, it did not have a dual government backed up by an industrialist VP in Dick the event a terrorist nuke knocked out the entire leadership in Washington ,DC...VP Dick Cheny is a total blessing ...a VP who is willing to be a pure VP and nothing else...he has no political aspirations beyond the VP...and is helping to protect the continuity of American government in the event of a suitcase nuke take down of American leadership.... he's just willing to be invisible - plainly and un-vainly doing his job for America...Dick's really being the good soldier...and this country is immensely stronger because of it!
Is glamor boy John Edwards ready to hide his photogenic face as the invisible VP, and not be a constant media darling during Pres. Kerry's Presidency should he win?! Or would Sen. Edwards prefer to be in the lime lite of American politics and risk a total suitcase nuke take down of American leadership, so he can increase his chances of becoming a future American president, by constantly advertising himself before the ever image conscious Democratic party as Sen. Hillary Clinton is nipping at his heels for raw political power and eyes the presidency herself?! After all, it's really  just poetic justice for Sen. Clinton for all the humiliation her husband Bill suffered upon her during his sexscapades in public office - that she balance out the equation of humiliating political support for her husband with a reigning achievement of the American Presidency...really who could possibly blame her?!
From a strict industrialist point of view John Edwards is a rookie in the minor leagues compared to VP Dick Cheny...who would be a far more dynamic choice as a last line of defense and infrastructure re-builder in the event of a massive terrorist attack in the form of a suitcase nuke...or a series of suitcase nukes.
Stopping a terrorist act is very hard...even if we had absolute knowledge that something like a terrorist nuke will happen...we can't turn society upside down to prevent it! We all must be good soldiers like VP Dick Cheny and the rest of our government officials....and begin to accept that one day we might become victims too...just how much freedom are you willing to give up to prevent an attack will literally bring us back to the days of Thomas Hobbs?!...Where we should be willing to give up all our freedoms for safety and order...for dealing with terrorism will make life nasty, brutish. and short, if we really begin to play hard with the Muslim world - because it's rather apparent we really can't count on American Muslims to point the finger at their errant draconian measures are put into place when nuclear fires burns America's face...
The country is just too big and complex to completely protect, and it's really nothing more than political foreplay by the Democrats and the 9/11 commission, as they begin to seduce and fornicate with the American Presidency... which will ultimately lead to full scale sodomy by the terrorist world...should we abate the proactive intiative of the Bush Administration's war on terrorism...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova