Vernon Gomez: My conversation with Soviet leader Gromyko

Dear Editor:
When the Russia invaded Afghanistan I was angered and called the Russian Mission to the UN and had the opportunity to talk the Andre Gromyko for over an hour.

I told him that there was no way Russia could win a war with Afghanistan for the same reasons George Bush cannot win in Iraq. 

One thing Mr. Gromyko and I talked about was how the United States armed half the world against Russia and Russia had armed the other half against the US.

And that someday these little countries that we armed would turn and attack us both.

I told Mr. Gromyko that the only way to peace in the World was for Russia and America to our Military together as one with Russian and Americans serving together with on goal in mind and that was to disarm these countries we had armed.

And then dismantle all weapons of Mass Destruction including our own.

Mr. Gromyko reply was "what a wonderful idea" and he would love to live to see this happen.

I still believe our two countries could still accomplish this working together.

Vernon Gomez,
Austin, Texas

PS After we got through discussing politics, I told him he reminded me of one of my uncles, at that point he called me nephew and told me if I was ever in New York or Moscow, he would like to meet me and would I have a drink with him. I will always wish I could have met the man, he was very far-sighted and wise.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova