Dawn Hightree: I am not into violence

Have you ever noticed how Bush will tell others when to shake hands, when to go to the podium, when to do this and that. 
I have seen Bush televised telling Blair when to wave, telling Chirac which podium to come to, and other leaders.  Does this mean that Bush controls these leaders in some way?  Is he their master?  CNN was threatened not to air something I saw.  Weird how I end up out of just no where seeing certain things, but maybe God is on my side.  I sure do hope so.  
It has struck me as very odd to say the least.  But when you know that the amount of intelligence out there to deceive us has been hidden for years, and when you know that people may not be who they appear to be, it makes you question who they really are behind the mask.
So I say at this time as I said when I declared an emergency situation when this war started, is that making promises to people can get you in to trouble.  It's an excuse rather.  You know when you have friends.  You don't need papers signed treaties.  There is mutual respect.  You don't need 25 foot barriers to prison people in.
I am sorry to say, but if any believes that Mr. Sharon is doing a good job in Israel than this world is near it's end.  But let's not focus on the end.  A wise person has told me, let's focus on the beginning.  On solving the problems and working things out.
I don't care how bad it is.  I want to solve the problem not just stomp it out because I have a bigger weapon.  I am not into violence.  I feel like that we need to resolve the issues not keep them in the mist.  Let us resolve the issues.  Not make war against each other and also realize the people in power may not really understand that they are in this situation.  Things are lost.  People have been lied to and people believed.  We must come above it all and be in a state of mind of assurance, wisdom, and most of all love. 
You cannot I repeat with all my heart feed someone with dirty water and get clean.  Clean water is from purity.  Purity of disease, purity of pain, and purity of the power of forgiveness.
Bush and Blair are one and the same maybe.  They could technologically be exactly the same person putting  on airs.  This day and age anything is possible.  They could be lovers that want to rule the world.  Who knows.  But regardless of the truth and knowing that truth is important, one thing to keep in mind is that they are probably human in some form.  They can realize their mistakes and they can decide to do the right thing for everyone and I would love them the same. 
There has been many many sad occurances in this war.  When I have strived for peace, it has been used.  Get them when they are in that state of love then they will trust we mean it.  oh it has been a plight. What I have come to realize in this involvement to stop human suffering, is that there are no easy answers.  That relying on God is personally my only salvation.  I could not stomach what is happening today in this world, if I did not pray.  I couldn't do it.  I also do not believe that God would help me if I did not ask for forgiveness of my sins.  I am not a regular type of Christian.  The one that is very structured.  I pray to God and try to follow God's rules and those rules I see are reality in many different religions.  I do not discriminate that much.  Maybe that is my weakness I don't know.  But one thing is for sure and that is that if more people didn't discriminate religiously than they would not have an excuse to kill. 
Now with due respect to the people that believe in killing.  I don't condemn it not that I support it, but that is what they believe and I have respect for it.  If a country said to me that their belief, who they follow does not allow me in.  Well honey, I am not there.  I have respect for other people's beliefs.  We all need to have that respect for other peoples space.  It is their right to screw up to be i nhuman to work out issues on their own time.  Not mine, but theirs.   For I am not their God.   It is best to be a guide that one wants to cling to than just a barrier that you have to cross or die.  That is not my job and I really don't believe in my heart that it is anyone's job.  But I am only as wise as what I have learned and that means I may not know enough. 
I just know one thing about myself and about the world.  I want to protect the people of this world from all suffering. 
I may be weak, I may be stupid, I may be dumb, and I may drink beer, but I want the world to be better and safer than it is today. 
Signing off because well it is time to end this one view,maybe another will shine through and be better.  I hope things get better have a true being inside yourself and you know that your soul will sour.  Do not be a slave to the world but be the uplifter, the savior, the helper.  Be not alone in your strife, but reach out with love because we all want peace in the land and it can happen,but it is going to take work.  We created these wars with our minds, now we must create a better view.  A cleaner reality.  One that is beautiful and that will take work.
Dawn Hightree

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova