Anonymous: USA is afraid of China

The USA is afraid of the power that China has with its Nuclear weapons, Bio weapons its armies and many other defense systems. The USA clearly understands that it cannot and will not push China into a conflict. The battles will be small fought on foreign soils where those countries have no control over their outcome. The UN is a puppet for the USA and NATO is a weak link in the chain. 

China will lure the west to its vast economic buying power to drain the resources of others. It will wait like a dragon for the others to stretch their resources and their wars to the brink of extinction then China will make its move. It will not need the UN or NATO to make its choice. China will become the most powerful nation on earth in a very short time by waiting and watching and relying on the greed and egos and vanities of others to get them off balance. 

The USA will never admit to defeat with China but Bush knows never to cross that line and never let the rest of the world know that it is afraid of China. 

China is waiting to take Japan, Taiwan, and Korea from the USA and will. The Japanese people will become enslaved or suffer the fate of death. 

Bush will be re-elected this year to continue 4 more years of rule. He knows he is an idiot but cannot deal with it right now. I wonder if one of Bush’s daughters were held captive in Iraq would he buckle under the demands placed by the captors? 

You notice that Bush does not deal with China directly! 

China will wait and side with Russia to be its front then you see the power of the mighty Dragon! 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova