Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Susan Johnson: I like Putin

Sorry to hear that his ratings are falling, personally, I like him.  He was about 50 miles from us a few years ago, when he visited our prez, GW, at the ranch in TX.  I would have loved to seen him.  I think he has done more for Russia than any leader you've ever had.  He wants to be a friend to the world but like any other responsible leader, he has problems to tend to at home, Big Problems.  All citizens get angry over their leadership when things are not going goodbut I feel that's universal.  Just let him do his job and what I allways say is that it's not my decision to make and I am relieved not to.  My job is to be a truck driver and not make policies.  Let him do the job that he asked for. 

Susan Johnson, Texas, USA

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