Ivan Nikola Guerra: Why I disagree with Americans

I see Mark Zappala is silencing some facts in his denouncing anti-Americanism.
Before 1945 Italy had about 150 submarines, and the USA ordered us to destroy them. Now we have 16 submarines. In addition, the USA forbade us to carry jets on ships.

I also could mention that in 1987 our San Marco battalion showed better performance than your Marines.

YOU ordered to reduce them from 5,000 units to 640 units. A landing corp of 640 units: shining decision huh?

And that were YOUR orders, that is what YOUR government asked for. Same thing for Alpini whom YOUR government required to reduce from 3 divisions to one. Yes, babe, YOUR government required that, and if your "free" press doesn't inform you, I don't know what I can do.....

And so on.

Culture? Yes, I know the usa culture. The magazines one can read in the  bathroom.

Baseball is the hardest part of the US culture, I think.

When a country, like Italy, has about 2500 years of hystory, it seems to me you haven't any chance to impress me with your "culture". Your 300 years of time are not "history", they are just a  trend, such as some kind of blue jeans. You are claiming to create democracy, but I remember you Rome was a republic about 2200 years ago. My stone HOUSE is 600 years old, babe, two times older than your country. And it is normal
in Italy, as some cities are very ancient. The Bologna's university is 911 years old. 911 years ago here we produced philosophers and lawyers. You are bubbling your mind with father pilgrims, and I am asking to you: did you remember a guy called Cristoforo Colombo? Nothing to do with America, huh?

American culture...ahahaha.

Why I don't like Americans?

I could mention some years ago your jet which destroyed the train in the North of Italy.

The US jet was flying lower than OUR laws permitted. It violated the law forbiding to flight so low (as there were trains in that area.) Your jet killed 22 tourists.

When in trial, your pilots were claimed innocent by YOUR court. Because "the USA law permits to fly so low".

The problem is that jet was flying in Italy, and OUR law forbids to fly so low. But the court said: "We are Americans, and so we don't care about your law, even at YOUR home".

This is NOT the behavior of allies. This is the behavior of an invader. Period.

I could also mention the last 50 years when your fleet was on the sea of Rome during the every elections we have. Interesting: why do you feel the need to place your fleet
a few miles from Rome every time we vote? Is it typical of allies to place battleships flot near the capital? I don't think so, it seems to me it is typical of INVADERS. Period.

I could mention that Italian women are scared to go out near your bases at  the night as they are scared to be raped by your "proud sons of the nation".

And when the US soldier rapes a woman, it will go on trial in the USA, making too expensive for the victim to join the trial. Result: they are even claimed innocent. Near your bases in Cervia about all pubs and dischoteques refuse your marines to enter, as they are "well-known" as rapists and violent people.

I will tell you how different we are from you.

Some time ago 19 italian soldiers were killed in Iraq. When their bodies returned here, they were celebrated as heroes. Even people who dislike war, even pacifists, even people who voted againist war in the Senate, honored them. The most
anti-war politicians honored them in public, and stopped to being polemic about the war in respect of them until the ceremony finished some days later.

They were placed in the ancient Roman's heroes place, and honored by all. There were had horsemen in uniforms and crowds of people bringing flowers for day and nights. Hundreds of thousands of people honored them. Day and night. As we think it does not matter the war was right or not, if someone
gives life to nation he must be honored even by who disagrees.

(Yes, some punks spitted on them: but punks are a proud gift of your sick  shining Anglo culture, I remember.)

It seems to me YOUR soldiers (and you WANTED the war), when killed return home in silence. It seems to me you have no nuts to honor them in public, because you are scared to cry too much and lose next polls...

Nobody honours those deads. You are HIDING your deads. You are ASHAMED, you are scared to see them.

You fired a woman by the reason she made some photos of their coffins. The coffin of your heroes, whom you are HIDING to people!

We placed OUR deads in the place of heroes, and we honored them ALL.

Italy could be is a weak nation. We could lose war. But I AM
SURE if I die defending my contry, I will be treated as a hero. I will be remembered as a hero. Period. This is the reason I am proud to be Italian.

Not like YOUR soldiers. If they die for you, they return home hidden by TV, they are hidden from other people, and placed into the earth in silence...with embarassment. Your government is too scared to lose elections!

Shame on you.

The moral difference is too evident. If you aren't able too see it, never lose time to try explain your "culture".

Now, return to your precious "free" TV, that forbids you to see your dead soldiers returning home. Return to your "free" country, in which if you die fighting for the nation, the government will forbid people to honor your grave because...... is scared to lose its power. Thit is the abyss.

Ivan Nikola Guerra

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova