Charles Fargo: US needs defeat experience

Here in America we need to learn just what defeat really
Many times I base my viewpoints on facts. Recently in a politically based conversation I was asked "From what would you gain or learn more, from victory or defeat?"  My answer was defeat. 

The victor’s ego becomes inflated, arrogance becomes a ruling factor.  The victor becomes so engrossed in winning, he does not learn hoe to become humble. 

I can recommend one book to read,  “The Art of War”, written by Sun Tzu  around 1100 B.C. 

We are too much involved in the arrogance of victory and only use exerts from the writings  to pump up our victories here at home in America since we have never tasted defeat.  We are only in arrogant lust for victories in kicking the butts of supposed bad boys of the world.  In other words, the bully of the school yard.  Until a kid half of our size, reminds us of our place.

Many times I hear a statement I do not agree with – the reference of the United States using a Thermal Nuclear Device on another country (such as Iraq recently). One remark I cringed at hearing:  WE the US oughta turn the sand niggers in Iraq into a glass bowl with a NUKE.  REALLY?

Does anyone remember the near miss nuclear reactor meltdown during the late 70s at Three Mile Island in the US?  Does anyone remember the carbon core nuclear reactor meltdown at Chernobyl?

Is the nuclear contamination remembered from that incident?  Just how far the radioactive contamination spread into Europe?   Is there anyone ready to once again condemn the Russians for that incident?  I am using it as a reminder.   Plus, has anyone that says we oughta use a nuke.  Researched just how far the contamination just may possibly spread.   The effect on the thousands of innocents who have nothing to do with war?

Some of the effects of radioactive poisoning are: fluid in the skull, swelling of the brain and the heart. The person affected
cannot hold food.  A human lives about three to fourteen days.

What if a Nuke was used on the so called sand niggers of Iraq?  Then the winds of the world carried the radioactive contamination to American soil? 

Now what should be done to warmongers that want to use a nuke.  What would you do if your loved ones were infected with it?

One can research the effects that the Chernobyl disaster did in that region.

It is a well learned lesson.  As to why any intelligent world leader will not resort to Thermal Nuclear Proliferation.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova