Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Bill McManigal: Jehova Witnesses not "sect', but one of the largest religious bodies

I realize that no one news agency or writer can always get the facts straight.  However,  the word "sect", in reference to Jehovah's Witnesses, in this article is of concern to those who look to you for facts.  Such wording might instead of  squashing the idea of bias, promote it.  Perhaps, in the future, terms such as group, religion, or denomination would represent the facts better. I realize some publications may use the word "sect" but it is always appreciated when a journalist does what he or she can, in the borders of truth, to present information that would not be construed as "bias" or fitting one's own agenda. 
See: The World Almanac and Book of Facts under Major Christian denominations. In addition see also:  Where they are part of the top 10 largest international religious bodies in the world, and  top 10 religious bodies with the most meeting places/congregations.
Bill McManigal