Catine E. Perkiins: US "checks and balances" system is not working properly

I am assuming that Timothy Bancroft-Henchey, like many, in his articles places much emotionalism into the US officialdom, especially, Presidents.
Also, since our writer of American History, Gore Vidal, who combines this with a "literary beat" (also widely read by Russians) brings out some good points in this area. Then too, if one has a basic  civic education, this should give some insights.

Apparently, the Founding Fathers, in creating these checks and balances fully understood, how any President could be caught up in intrigue, off balance, misinformed and etc.

Thus, under these conditions, the Congress of the United States of America has the heaviest responsibility in the "blame game!" The checks and balances by our Constitution start there. The Justice Department also has a responsibility in these grave areas. Also remember the many non-profit organizations that are on GOVERNMENT WATCH.  Where are they? And then, in our freedom, we have many religious leaders, who certainly, still believe in "Thou shalt not kill" especially, innocent people and their children. Where are they?
If the writer is so attached to his political party, then, may I ask about Pres. Clinton's actions in warfare or does not Serbia with her Christian Orthodox Religion not count?

Impressionistically, I gather that Congress gave our Presidents the power and responsibility that was theirs. Remember also, they gave monies and formation of the grand UNITED STATES INSTITUTE OF PEACE.  Should not this organization be accountable also in this area? Or does PEACE have a different
connocation to them?

Although, this is funded by the International Monetary Funds, which would be void of any repentence and remorse over deaths of masses of humanity.

So a lone figure, awaiting the rapture to ascend into Heaven cannot be blamed completely in this horrendous game in a world that has gone mad. Having said that, I would like to mention our Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, has been against this war from the start. Of course, many times, when it was his turn to speak, the other gentlemen in Congress would declare that time was up! But you know what? Congressman Ron Paul has the respect of the American People throughout our nation. Also he still goes home and practices his trade of being a "baby doctor!"

Now if Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey wanted to learn about our Constitution, along with how our government should and must work, I suggest one surface this Congressman's publication to the people he represents.

Our main stream media, seemingly, do not cover him but such people do exist in our official capacity. Also remember the Soviet Union's Constitution was quite extraordinary but not followed, apparently.

The collective moral compass falls by the wayside from time to time in all nations and the United States of America must strengthen the State Department's Diplomatic aspect and quell the War Department.

This in it's self is a subject that must be addressed by the American People but the agenda has been the same, which ever political party came into power.

How can we blame one man?

Catine E. Perkiins
1307 Church Street
Bastrop, Tx 78602

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova