Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Johnny the Yogek: Why Russia did not protect Serbia RESPONSE

As an Australian who is married to a Russian woman, and with very strong ties to the Serbian community as well,  a person that agrees with your view on the then sad, but true reality of Serbian betrayal.

I should say that, in my opinion, there is but one reason that you were betrayed. 

It was in my humble observations, because at that time Russia had a US puppet called Boris Yeltsin, Boris the alcoholic,  I believe my description of  the former president of Russia is accurate  and I add a further description of his Jewish oligarchs cabal and some red-headed fellow who went to school in the USA as indeed the criminals  that sold Russia  integrity down the river as the main perpetrators of your country's betrayal. 

If you look at the timing you will see that during the double cross of Serbia a remarkable thing happened. A little known person outside of the inner circle was appointed as head of the Russian federation (as the bombs were dropping in Belgrade), a  man by the name of V Putin. We will never know the inner workings of the Security Council but on the balance of probabilities emotions ran high in Russia that the USA was training to attack the capital of Russia at some given time in the future and Belgrade was the trial run, in my view it is true then as it is now and for that reason Boris the Drunk had to go?

Indeed, that absolute betrayal by the pro-Boris rule at that time towards Serbia, still in its heinous action, created a future for Russia with Putin. Russia owes Serbia a debt of gratitude, hopefully it can make amends sometime in the future?

Russians should thank Serbia for its future, a future Serbia does not have to construct with your pro-American puppets in the government.

Johnny the Yogek,
Sydney, Australia