Charles Fargo: George Bush and justice

Researching American Indians history, I came across the story which an elder Cherokee chief told a group of children one day. There were two wolves, one of EVIL and one of GOOD.  Yet only one wolf spirit would live to guide the person through life.  A young child became confused and asked.  "Which wolf will survive?" The elder replied, "The one that you feed".

I remembered this tale after reading the articles on the news of Iraq and commentaries in the PRAVDA.Ru.  I have to agree with some of the comments made by a George Person.  Yet I have to fully agree with Timothy Bancroft Hinchey, on the reasons he stated on G.W. Bush handing over the power to the puppet government.

For the sake of justice, I must tell another story, on the murder which happened in the State of Texas some time ago when G. W. Bush governed that state.

A young man named Robert Drew was hitchhiking through the Sourthern states. He took a ride with another fellow.  Upon entering Texas, the fellow who had offered the ride to Mr. Drew, committed an act of murder.  It is somewhat uncertain just what part Mr. Drew played in the events of that murder.  There were two separate trials over that fateful event.

The person Mr. Drew was in company with was charged, tried and convicted to live imprisonment.  Yet  Mr. Drew’s case took a different road in events.

Mr. Drew was tried as an accomplice in murder under Texas law.  The jury came back with a verdict “guilty” of murder.  With a sentence of death penalty, although the original charge was an accomplice.   Mr Drew’s trial took place after his companion was tried.

Mr. Drew was on death row, at Huntsville, Texas, waiting for the moment of his demise.  His attorney used all he could to have the death sentence to be turned over.   The last resort Mr. Drews attorney had, was appealing to the state governor G. W. Bush.

All the relevant documents on the case were submitted to the governor.   Mr. Bush chose the death penalty which was to carried out at Huntsville.  Mr. Drew sadly died by lethal injection.

Sadly enough, Mr. Bush stated that all laws and jury
convictions in the State of Texas would be upheld regardless of events.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova