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Karen Copra: People assisted by God or devil RESPONSE

Considering the PRAVDA.Ru article from a Christian perspective, it is certainly the devil who helps evil people like Hitler and Fidel.  However, the devil can only act as much as God permits.  Sometimes evil is permitted because God always brings good from evil.  Evil can never prevail, as history reveals.
The original Christian church is the Roman Catholic Church, which was formed by Jesus Christ himself with his 12 apostles, naming Peter as the first pope (thus St. Peter's in Rome) over 2004 years ago. Many thousands of non-Catholic Christian churches have been springing up since then that have protested the original church.  However, to my knowledge, the Catholic Church is the only church that teaches that all peoples of the world are brothers and beloved of Christ and have a right to salvation as well as Catholic Christians.  Most protest Christian churches believe that only those who believe what their particular denomination teaches can achieve salvation.  There may or may not be a few others.
In other words, the Roman Catholic Church teaches that Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, etc., are all entitled the the salvation earned by the passion of Christ if they so desire, even at the moment of death.  We are all descended from the same two parents, (Adam and Eve).  Catholics are taught never to hate the sinner; only the sin and to always forgive. 
I very much enjoy Pravda, and many of us in America greatly admire President Putin as a great leader.  He seems to be a "man among men," and Americans admire that in a leader.

Karen Copra

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