Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Herberg: When is Russia going to join NATO?

A NATO alliance that included Russia would span the entire northern portion of the globe. No country or remaining combinations of countries could threaten us. As long as the USA and Russia stand apart ... weeds and cockroaches grow and breed in the so-called islamic world and in (your new friend) China. Time is not on our side. Your population is declining while China adds millions of "excess males" and the muslims take over europe and central/southern africa that is gradually depopulated due to AIDS. We need to stop fighting in the past and start preparing for the fight of the present against the Wahabbis and the fight of the not-so-distant-future against the red dragon. I would like your leader to provide more details on these saddam hussein threats of 2002 that he warned our President about. That could be crucial in our election.