Bob: Hoffman on Reagan

He always has to put in a plug for the forever to be downtrodden black man in America without noticing in the least what has happened to the type of white man who had nothing to do with slavery. This person was selected by wealthy white people who rule America much like wealthy white people who used to rule America who brought the slaves here which saved them money over paying this poor white man to till their fields. Looking to the future, the government of America may not be as white as it is at the present but I bet it will always stay as wealthy.
Kinda hard on the old boy I'd respect. I didn't watch any of that-never turn my TV on.
Remember the Star-Kist commercial..tuna with good taste or tuna that tastes good?
In spite of the ad there are no similarities to politics. We want what appears to be good taste according to our appetites. Neither of us will ever even bother to sink our teeth deeply into it. We'll never even mention it when the picture shows much more food than ends up on any plate in the restaurant. At least we got the meal we ordered.
It's the sort of thing that makes me not notice certain things that Reagan did and you to notice everything he did but to stop short of seeing the entire picture. You notice the Iran-Contra affair but you move on while failing to notice the governor of the state where much of this occurred would have to know also.
The man who felt wrong about Vietnam later felt right about Yugoslavia. The meal that looked good to you. A part of our history you avoid or sugarcoat in your stories here.
There is a possibility you will never realize...there is no perceptible difference.
BTW Hoffman. I've sat at the front of a bus and on the wooden seat of a mule wagon.
The people who do not run this country in the least should all be led to pull in the same direction with their oars or they will go in circles forever.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova