Lev Drofnas: UN resolution - bitter defeat for the neo-con unilateralists

George W. Bush, aided and abetted by the reptilian corporate media, is now trying to spin the recent U.N. resolution concerning the Iraqi occupation as some sort of major victory for the imperialist aggressor state. Instead, it represents a bitter defeat for the neo-con unilateralists who have been so bold as to arrogantly claim that the United States is going to do whatever it wishes, how it wishes, the rest of Humanity be damned.

Reality, the heroic freedom fighters of Iraq, and the appalled and aroused force of World public opinion have put the would-be world hegemons in their place. When the Iraqi people stood up commencing at Fallujah, the craven overlords were taught that they could not, as they had bragged, impose their will on the Iraqis at the time and in the manner of their own choosing; the cowards were humbled, and the city remains a bastion of freedom today. When the Americans, with their imperial legions, attempted to shock and awe the World into future acquiescence with their diktat by means of their great "victory" over Iraq, the World finally woke up to the evil and great danger to Humanity posed by the new hyperpower, and commenced to formulate and execute effective measures to bridle the arbitrary power and violence of its unilateral exercise of its power of tyranny. (Indeed, it finally realized the shere hypocricy and unwisdom of an arrogant people who realized the need to put checks and balances on the use of power respectiing itself, but would treat the rest of Humanity as second-class humans by denying them freedom from the exercise of abitrary power by the self-appointed world cop). It was brought home to the American imperialists that its cafeteria-style approach to international law and UN resolutions would no longer be tolerated--that they were not above the law of nations and morality. The American hegemons were thus taught to have a due respect for the opinion of Mankind, a respect which could never have arisen from any innate American sense of decency or morality because the would-be world rulers have proudly abjured these considerations.

Life and the World will continue to oblige the American would-be world hegemons with hard lessons. After the puerile bullies have learned a few things, the decent peoples of the World will even seek to improve them with a just measure of punishment.

Lev Drofnas,
Washington DC

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova